I am class book 2016-2017

As we are building our classroom community, we are also building our ability to read sight words, and touch and read simple sentences. “Touching and reading” is the process of touching each word as you read it. This helps a child not skip words, use strategies to read words and check for understanding along the way. Please encourage your child to use the pointer (index) finger, which I call their “reading finger”.  This should be with the same hand they use to write with.   Point under each word as they read it.

A fun way to practice to touch and read and get to meet their classmates is within our first class book. There are 3 words in this book that we have learned: I, am, a. For some extra fun, feel free to print this out and add this book to your home library. Have students practice touching and reading each word of each page. Reading repetitive texts help build fluency and accuracy and are a great way to practice memorizing sight words. Or you may feel free to read this on the computer (with directions on how to lightly touch the screen).

Touch and Read Video Tutorial

You may also practice this skill with the weekly sight word poems!


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