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Curriculum Night

Save the date!! Next Wednesday, August 5th, Camarena is having our school wide Curriculum Night. This is for parents only. There will be a general session at 5:30 in the auditorium first.  I will be giving a presentation at 6:00 in my classroom. (If you have a child in a different grade level, please attend your Kinder child’s class at 6:00 and your other child’s presentation at 6:30). I will be providing a lot of information regarding academic expectations, homework, and ways to help your child be successful at school.  I will also be available to answer any questions you have specific to our class. I highly encourage you to attend this event! There will not be childcare provided, so please plan accordingly.

VAPA “Specialty” Teachers

On Thursday afternoon, from 11:55-2:30, your child we be rotating with Camarena’s Visual And Performing Arts teachers. At this time, the Kindergarten teachers will be in a grade level collaboration meeting. They will see these teachers for half a day, every other week. Students will be participating in theater, dance, photography and more.

As we are still getting into the swing of things, the thought of this idea, different teachers, may be a little nerve racking for your child. Please have the discussion with them, that they will be seeing other teachers (BUT THAT I WILL IN FACT COME BACK). Talk about how routines, and how listening and work expectations are the same.  I will be back in the classroom at 2:25 to dismiss them.

Homework Communication Folders

Light Blue homework folders were passed out on Monday. It is expected that these folders come to school EVERYDAY. Not only is it teaching them great habits of keeping their work neat, it is also a place for you and I to communicate. This is where you can leave notes for me, return papers that need to be signed, etc.

On the back of the folder you will see the Alpha Friends. Please keep that in the folder as it will help them all year with reading and sound spelling. You will find the song, “Who Let The Letters Out”, on the CD that was in the packet we handed out this summer. (Let me know if you did not receive this packet). They are now learning the words and the hand motions. Practice every night!

This Week’s Homework

Don’t stress out just yet, this is very simple homework to work on with your child. This week I introduced classroom numbers. Each child will use this number throughout the year (mailbox number, lining up in number order, etc.). This week have them practice saying their mailbox number and recognizing it. Simple as that! IMG_8427

Week 2

I had a great first week with all of my new Kinder Owls. Each day we made improvements with following the rules, stamina and using our best listening ears. The real test will be this next week, as the students will have full days of school (8:15-2:30), Monday-Thursday, and early dismissal (8:15-1:00), Friday. Expect your child to be tired on Monday! Here are some reminders:

Color Days will start next week: Monday is wear RED day! The flyer was sent home last week in my Welcome packet. —-> Flyer Color Days Notice

Lunch: Students will be eating lunch at school on Monday. Students eat lunch at 10:45 and we do an afternoon snack/recess. If you are packing a lunch for your child, discuss with them that they need to save one item for afternoon snack. It may be a good idea to mark this with the letter S or the word snack. If your child is buying lunch, please make sure to pack a snack still, as the school does not provide snack. Remember to pack items that they can easily open on their own. It is good to practice this at home. I always have them TRY before I step in and help. We are creating independent learners in Kindergarten!

Clothing: Great job with this on the first week! All students were able to use the restroom and take care of their own bodies. Hats are okay at recess, but I will have students put hats in their backpack during our learning time. PLEASE make sure your student wears shoes that they can manipulate themselves. If they can not tie shoes yet, have them wear a different option. *All shoes must be closed toe, no sandals.

Homework folders: I will provide these on Monday. On the back of the folder will be a sheet of Alpha Friends. Please keep it in the folder and practice the sounds every night. Folders are to come to school everyday as it is going to be a mode of communication for us, as well as a organization keeper for your child to take home their work from the day.

Incoming Kinder Packet: Many of you picked up an Incoming Kinder packet this summer at the office. This packet has many resources for you to practice at home (learning CD, suggested apps, handwriting sheet, etc). If you DID NOT pick this up, please contact me so that I can send one home.

Thank you for being respectful in my morning procedures of saying goodbye at our line or at the gate. You will be amazed at how independent they will be by the end of the year!

Thank you to families that have donated supplies, I truly appreciate it. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thank you!

(I know that was A LOT of information) 🙂

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

I am SO excited to kick off the new school year and meet my new Kinder OWLS! For the first week of school, (Wednesday- Friday) we have a special schedule. Please see below.

Wednesday: 8:15 – 12:00

For morning drop-off, please meet in Auditorium. Find your teacher’s area and yur child’s name tag. Put it on them. Dismissal will be from our classroom, Room 402. Please pack a snack only, students will not have lunch at school this week.

Thursday: 8:15 – 12:00

Morning Drop off at blacktop (Letter R). Dismissal will be from our classroom, Room 402.Please pack a snack only, students will not have lunch at school this week.

Friday: 8:15 – 12:00

Morning Drop off at blacktop (Letter R). Dismissal will be from our classroom, Room 402.Please pack a snack only, students will not have lunch at school this week.

How To Reach Me

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Still interested in Sharks

Hi Families of ALMOST first graders,

Hope this summer brought you a lot of memories and family fun. This will be the last blog post from me as your Kinder teacher but I wanted to share this amazing event from my summer. Well, not technically MY summer. My dad, uncle, boyfriend and cousin went deep sea fishing off the coast of North Carolina this summer.. AND..caught a shark!! Below you will see a video and pictures of the shark. My uncle is the one of the left of the bottom picture. It was his 60th birthday and pretty neat that he was the one the caught it. Happy birthday to him! Every story should have a great end, they put it back in the water! Hope you all enjoy and can’t wait to see most of you around the Camarena campus. Don’t be shy and come back to visit! IMG_2003 IMG_8239