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Weekly Sight Word Checks

This year our goal is to read 100 sight words fluently. I have noticed that many students have already mastered the words we have already studied and are ready to be pushed a little bit extra, and master those 100 words before the end of the year. Reading the words fluently means to read in 2-3 seconds. Mrs. Brown (Grace’s mom) has so wonderfully offered to volunteer each Monday and take on the task of testing the students and recording where they are at, as many of them are at different levels. There are 10 lists, each with 10 words. When your child brings a list home on Monday, please make sure to look at it and practice the words they may have missed. A check mark ensures they read it fluently, and a word circle means that they were unable to read it, unable to read it fluently or were sounding it out. Look at the picture below: Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.40.49 PMThis child was able to read the ten words on list one, and the ten words on list two. This child was unable to read two of the words (were, or) on list 3. This child should practice the words “were” and “or” this week. Next Monday, this child will not be re-tested on list one and two, but will be tested on list three again. If this child passes list three, they will go on to list four.

When your child passes all 10 tests, they will then be responsible for spelling the words and will have spelling tests.

If I am forgetting anything or if you have questions, please ask them in the comments. That way I can respond and other parents can see, just in case they have the same questions.

Conference Confirmation

Thank you for being patient with waiting to hear back from me in regards to your conference time. Here is the set schedule. I think I was able to get everybody into their top 3. Please email me if your date/time does not work. If your child has a start next to their name, I never received a request for a date/time, so I set one for you. Have a great weekend! Q1 Conference Set times

Q1 Homework Menu 4

Another great week of homework. This week your child has been reading this quarter’s sight words on the way out the door. This is a great example of how the school to home connection is very important in a child’s education. They are ROCKING it!  Menu 4 is due on September, 4th. Q1 Menu 4

Tying Shoes

… because shoe tying is not in my contract! 🙂 Shoe laces have been a distraction for many students in our classroom and is wasting a lot of instructional time. Not only does it distract the student with the shoelaces that are untied, but it interrupts instruction and distracts others. Please send your child in shoes that they can manipulate themselves. If they aren’t ready to tie their own shoes, slip on or Velcro shoes are encouraged. Or triple knots! Thanks for working with your child on this everyday skill. Below is a video that I found useful and helpful. I tried it on my own shoelaces and it DOES work!! Practice, practice, practice!!

Show-Tying Made Easy!

Count to 100 Everyday!

Somehow the end of the first quarter of Kindergarten is just around the corner. Assessment has started and one of the goals is to count to 100 by ones and tens. If your child is unable to do this, please practice everyday! Here are some fun songs they know to help motivate them. Each student also has a “paper” race car that is racing across our number line to 100. Each car wants to make it to the finish line!!  Here is a 100s chart! hundreds chart You can practice using it while counting to 100 (touching and counting each number). YouTube videos below:

Count to 100 Everyday!

I Can Count To 100!

Counting To 100!

Counting Song 10-100

Counting By Tens


Blending Words

We have started blending words. When beginning readers sound out words, they slowly say each sound in a word (c-a-t), and then say the sounds quickly together to “read” the word (cat). In reading, teachers call this blending because sounds are being blended together. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can use this at home when reading or when spelling words. *Remember, we want our children to practice this on their own when they are ready. In Kindergarten spelling of these words is not what we are looking for.


Updated Conference Sign Up

Hi Families,

I will NOT be holding conferences on Friday, September 11th. While making the sign up sheet I forgot that I will not be at school that day as I am headed up to Santa Barbara, gearing up to walk 39 miles for the AVON walk. Here is an updated list with that date crossed off. Sorry if you already filled out your sheet. You can make changes on the sheet I sent home, or print out a new one.Q1 Conference Sign up sheet Feel free to email me and let me know how I can accommodate you due to the change.

Q1 Homework Menu 3

I have enjoyed looking over the work you and your child have done with homework. I appreciate all of your hard work you do with them to continue building skills outside of the classroom. Q1 Menu 3

**Due August, 28th**

Some of your children will receive a reading book tomorrow. If so, please read the directions and turn it in every Friday in the blue folder, so a new book can be distributed.


Have fun reading at home

Enjoy practicing “touching and reading” with our latest class book filled with our newest sight words. I Have One

Q1 Homework Menu 2

SORRY for not posting this on Friday like I had promised. I had it saved as a draft as of Thursday night, but then forgot to push “publish”. Here it is!

Homework will be due next Friday! If you decide to put the finished HW in the blue folder before Friday I will leave it in there until Friday so that I do not have homework piles everywhere throughout the week! Q1 Menu 2