Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sight Word Flash Cards

On Friday your child was sent home with sight word flash cards. It was a ring that had the words “I” and “a”. Those are the words that we learned and practiced this past week. The expectation here at Camarena is that Kindergarteners learn to fluently read 100 sight words!

The expectation with these flash cards is to practice reading them every night. Please keep them at home, in a safe spot (I didn’t make extra to hand out). Do not keep these in their backpack or folder, they will get lost. Every Friday I will send home 2-3 new words. Add these to the ring and keep practicing reading the words.

Homework will start next week. As well as flash cards, our sight word poem will be sent home on Fridays. The expectation is to practice at home and highlight the words of the week. The poem DOES NOT need to be sent back to school. Keep it at home and create a sight word Poem Book.

Have a great weekend!