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RAZ Kids

Check your child’s blue folder for their personal RAZ Kids Information. Please watch this quick tutorial on how to access the online reading program and the expectations I have for it. Happy Reading!!


I am POSTING this EXTRA early because I will not be at school tomorrow. There will be no more homework until we return from Fall Break.I will still send home the Sight Word Poem of the week. For the next few weeks please work on the skills we discussed in conferences that your child could particularly work on. Here are some fun games to play with sight words and some fun math games.      1 Less          More than BINGO                  Sight Word Board Game

Sight Word Lists

Some parents voiced some interest in getting the sight word lists that your child will be tested on weekly. Since we did not have school on Monday of this week, they may not get tested. I am going to try to find time to do it. These lists each contain 10 words and are in the order in which I will teach them this year. Every time they pass a list, they will move to the next list. This is not something mandatory that you need to look at, but a great challenge you and your child can work if you notice that they are ready to move on to reading more words! I will also post this on the blog under “helpful links” so that you can always easily find it. Sight word lists 1-10 (You will only need to print page 1-4, not all 14 pages).

Tailgating Basket

Thanks to our volunteers that have offered time already and in the future to make our tailgating basket. We are hoping that we can get a donation from EVERY family to make this basket ROCK!! Desha made a list of items to go into a tailgating basket. That does not mean you have to choose from this list. If you think of another item, you may add it on. Please write your name next to the item your family will donate, so that we don’t end up with the same of some item. If you decide to donate cash, you may do that too. Then one of our volunteers can use the cash to go and buy some of the items. Hold on to these items until AFTER Fall Break. I will have a basket to collect these items in when we get back to school in October! (Let me know if the Google Sheet does not work). Thanks for your support!!! Tailgating Basket Sign Up

Q1 Homework Menu 5

Homework is due next Friday, September 11th. Q1 Menu 5 *Correction: The poem sent home this week was Grandpa in the Morning

*Please make sure to staple/paper clip the homework. A lot of loose papers are coming in and hard to keep track of. Thanks!!

Fall Festival Help Wanted

Our wonderful Camarena PTA is holding our school’s FIRST Fall Festival on November 6th. Each class is in charge donating a themed gift basket. Our class basket will be Tailgate Themed. Our wonderful Desha Hollie is in charge of the entire Silent Auction, so I am looking for another parent or two to take on our classroom gift basket. Some classes in the past have collected money and the person in charge goes out to collect all items, where some other classes have assigned an item for each family to donate. The person in charge will help in arranging this, as well as creating the basket. Please email me or respond in the comments below if you could help out with this wonderful event!

GO SUN DEVILS AND STEELERS! Or whoever your team may be!

Save the Date!

Developing multicultural awareness and appreciation is a goal of all Dual Immersion Programs, and to that extent, DLI classrooms, parents and volunteers are coordinating this first event of the year. Support our school’s amazing Dual Immersion Program!

Camarena Fiesta