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Q2 HW Menu 4

Due next Friday, November 6th! Happy Halloween Weekend! Once I create a Halloween Album on Shutterfly, feel free to upload any pictures that you captured! Q2 Menu 4

May I? Poem

Sorry families,

I forget to send this home on Friday, put it out to copy last night as I was leaving, and then unexpectedly was too sick to come to school today. I know some of you count on that poem for HW weekly. Here is the poem! I will also be sending home a hard copy tomorrow. Sorry about that. May I (but, not, can)

Costume Parade Guidelines

Purpose: To develop camaraderie during the holiday season and celebrate the power of stories and people to enrich life.

Guidelines: Characters from history, books, movie, magazines, and comics.

There will be no masks, face painting*, blood, gore, or weapons. Any costume can be deemed inappropriate by staff or administration if the costume does not appear to be in good taste or represent the spirit of the activity.

There will be a parade at 8:30 in the morning on the black top. Students will change from their costume after the parade so we can get back to the business of learning.

Parents are welcome to stay for this on Friday morning. The parade will be on the blacktop. In the past students have found it helpful to wear their costume over their clothes for a quick change at the end! Can’t wait!!!

Red Ribbon Week

Don’t MISS out on these fun days next week!! Check out this flyer. Red Ribbon Week 2015 Red Ribbon Week Festivities

HW Week 3

We are starting a new math unit on shapes! Have some fun with the homework! Remember that HW is due every Friday! Q2 Menu 3

*PARENTS: You have HW too! If you haven’t already, join the PTA! $10 is all it takes! We are getting close to 100% participation. We are getting closer and closer to a field trip to the MOVIES!!!!!!

Join the PTA TODAY!

Many of your children asked you this question as they left the door this afternoon, “Did you join the PTA?” If you answered NO, you were sent home with a PTA membership form. Why are Miss Lesiak’s students so eager to get their parents to become members?

If we get 100% participation by November 6th, our class will WIN a field trip to the movie theater! $10 and a completed membership form is all it takes to join!

(Even our new student we gained today has already signed up! Way to go Ezekiel and mom!) If you received this envelope and form today, please fill it out and return it ASAP! IMG_9070

HW Week 2

Here is the upcoming week’s homework! The Unit of Study will not be able to be done until after our fun Field Trip. Enjoy and keep up the great work! Remember to encourage sound spelling rather than spell words for your child! They can use the alpha friends sheet on the back of their homework folder to help them. 🙂 Q 2 Menu 2

Missing Field Trip Items

Hi All,

The field trip is quickly approaching and the deadline to have these documents in is TOMORROW, Thursday the 15th. Here are the items I need from some students. Check to see if you are on the list. Without a permission slip, the child CAN NOT go on the trip.

Ava: money

Jasir: money

Tristan: money and permission slip

Camila: money and permission slip

Azariah: money and permission slip


Pastries for Parents

Hi Families,

It seems like there was a lack of communication on this event, and to be honest, I just found out about it over the weekend. The event happened today, but will also be happening tomorrow. Let me explain a little bit about Pastries for Parents. From 8:15-9:15 tomorrow (Wednesday) you are invited to come into the classroom to see what a small portion of our day looks like. Then you will meet the PTA and other Camarena parents in the Auditorium for pastries and coffee, and to write your child a note in regards to how proud you are of them. Again, this is last minute, so I know many will not be able to make it with your work schedules. If you can, we would love to see you tomorrow morning for some Kinder fun!

Weekly Updates

Fall Festival Basket: Please start turning these items in. We would like to have all items in this Friday, October 16th, so that Maysa’s mom can start assembling the basket. If you haven’t signed up for an item, please do so! We want participation from every family.

Headphones: Thank you for those families who brought in headphones. Just some clarification, these will stay at school for the remainder of the year. If you sent in headphones that you do not feel comfortable parting ways with for that long, please send me an email and I will send them back, so you can send in a new pair. The smaller the headphones, the better, as these will be kept in their reading bags.

Field trip: Please turn this paperwork and money in ASAP. I need to know by this afternoon whether your child will be needing a lunch from the cafeteria. Mrs. Rutledge, the cafeteria lady, needs to know this in advance.