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Homework is BACK!

Hi families,

Overall we did a GREAT job with the homework routine last quarter. Please remember to print this and staple/paperclip it before turning it in. Some of your children will continue receiving their weekly reading books in the manila envelope and some children will start getting those books tomorrow. These books are for those who have starting blending CVC words. Remember that homework is due every Friday!

**Check the blue folder tomorrow for information on our first field trip!!!! Q 2 Menu 1


Hi Families,

I see that many of your little ones enjoyed some reading over the break. RAZ kids is an app that we are going to use in the classroom. Originally I created passwords that were confidential to each child. As I am going to want the students to start working right away, rather than figuring out what their password is and how to enter it on the iPad, I have changed passwords. Every student will have the same password: 1234. I trust that your student will only use their account at home and at school. If it seems to be a problem, we will come up with a new password system. This seems to be the easiest solution as of now for children to get their work done quickly! Thanks for your support! 🙂

**If your child has not yet accessed, RAZ kids at home, please do so at least once weekly. If you need me to send home the login information sheet again, please email me personally.

Quarter 2 Updates

Hi Families,

I hope Fall Break found you rested and a time to enjoy some family time! We are ready to kick off Quarter 2. Here are some announcements for things to come.

-Library books are due TOMORROW!

-Students will begin their time back at school with their VAPA teachers tomorrow morning.

-Students will begin to use the iPads for reading and word work activities. Please send in a pair of headphones, labeled with your child’s name, in a plastic bag. They will keep these headphones in their book bag. Any kind will do.

-You may now start sending in items for our Fall Festival Auction backpack. If you have not signed up to bring in an item, please do so below. Tailgating Basket Sign Up

-Homework will resume this week.

Can’t wait to see everybody tomorrow!