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December Update

Hi Families,

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving Break! Somehow there are ONLY 3 weeks left until our next break. Here are some December updates.

December 4: Recipe Project due. Due to time restraints before the holidays, this needs to be sent in on time to be a part of the classroom project. Here are the directions again, Family Recipe Project 2015

December 7-11: Book Fair in the Multi Purpose Room

December 15: Celebration of Learning/Gallery of Experts. This will be an after school event. We have requested the time to be at 5 pm in the classroom, and are waiting on a response from Admin.  I will send the exact time when it is confirmed. Kinder students will showcase their learning from our unit of study about stories.

December 17:  8:15-10:00 a.m. Kinder Holiday Show. This is a change from the time given a few weeks back. This event will be held on Thursday rather than Friday. Due to a conflict, we had to change the date to a day earlier.  Each class will sing a song on the stage in the auditorium.  Then, all the kinder students will join together to sing a very special and memorable holiday song together!


HW #7

Homework number 7 is up and ready! You get two weeks to complete this one. You can complete portions of it during breaks of gobbling down turkey! Gobble gobble! It says HW 5 again, but was sent to me as a PDF so I could not change it! Cross it out and write a 7! HW is due 12/4! Have a great Thanksgiving break! Q2 Menu 7

Thanksgiving Feast

This Friday (TOMORROW) we will be having our kinder feast. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to contribute to our potluck.  All families are invited so please come and join us celebrating our studies of the first thanksgiving with the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Your child chose to be a Pilgrim or a Native American from the Wampanoag tribe. They will wear their hat to the feast!

If possible, please send your dish with some kind of serving utensil if needed.  We do not have these on hand. To make sure they do not get lost, you could put a piece of tape with your child’s name and my name on the bottom of the dish and the serving utensil.

If you have signed up or are interested in helping to set up or clean up, we will begin setting up in the auditorium at 10:00a.m. All of the classes will join at 10:45 a.m. We will also need help serving if you are available. We will probably be eating until about 11:30-45 and then clean up can begin. Parents may meet in the auditorium at 10:00. Mr. Hugo has a map of how we want the tables set up (eating, buffet, dessert). I have an extra map for the parents as well. If you are going to volunteer at 10:00 you may bring the food with you at that time. It does not need to be any earlier. If you can’t attend and want to send in the food with your child in the morning, you may do that, too. We will store it in our red wagon and put it in the pod. I will then need parents at 10:00 to come and get the food and take it over, along with their place mats. We will combine our food with the 5 other kinder classes and share, just like the Native Americans and Pilgrims did.

It is a normal minimum day so the students will be dismissed at 1:00.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families if I do not get to see you!!!! See you back at school on November 30th!

Family Recipe Project

Hi There,

The holidays are QUICKLY approaching. Today your child brought home a project. Check their folder for this 2 page stapled information sheet. You have about 3 weeks to get this done, but may find yourself doing it next week when many family recipes are made. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. Happy Cooking/Baking! Here is a copy of the directions in case it goes missing. Family Recipe Project 2015


Way to go families of Room 402! We had the most families join the Camarena PTA in the entire school! I knew we could do it. We have earned a free field trip to the movie theater! I do not know any of the details yet, but once the PTA informs me, I will send them over!! Thanks for helping make our school the best in the universe! PTA Membership

HW Menu 6

Homework is due next Friday, November 20th. GREAT JOB with the new RAZ Kids portion of the homework. As of tonight I can see that all but 3 students have logged in this week!!! What rock stars! Keep it up! Q2 Menu 6

Save The Dates!

The holiday season is approaching quickly!  Kinder will be having a few big events and I wanted you to mark your calendars.  These are events that we want all parents to join us if possible.

Thanksgiving Feast:  Friday, Nov. 20th, 10:00-12:00, We will be celebrating our learning about The First Thanksgiving by dressing up (students) as Pilgrims and Native Americans and feasting together with a giant Kinder Thanksgiving Potluck. If you have not signed up, please do do! All of the set up volunteers are filled on the document, but that does not mean that more can’t sign up. The more the merrier. Still looking for some to help clean up after the event.  Thanksgiving Feast Sign Up

Gallery Of Experts:  Tuesday, Dec. 15th, Time to be arranged, Kinder students will showcase their learning from our unit of study about stories. Our little local authors will be sharing stories they have written and illustrated.  They will also be presenting the process they went through to create their story. Local authors will be available for book signing! Parents and families ARE their audience so please try and make this one!

Holiday Show: Friday, Dec. 18th, 8:15-10:00 a.m.:   Each class will sing a song on the stage in the auditorium.  Then, all the kinder students will join together to sing a very special and memorable holiday song together!

HW Menu 5

Due next Friday, November, 13th. **The Homework Menu has changed a bit. There is now a reading comprehension component where your child will be held accountable for logging into RAZ Kids to complete the portion! Sight words will now be part of Reading and Writing. Don’t forget to take the sight word flash cards out of your child’s folder every Friday afternoon. I am finding a lot of them on the floor and then we don’t know whose they are.   🙁    Q2 Menu 5 Raz Kids Let me know if you have any questions in regards to this change!!

Many children have weekly reading books they are taking home. PLEASE turn these in on Friday’s with the homework. I am getting many kids turning them in on various days and it is too much to manage. If your child forgets to bring it with their homework, I will have them keep the book for an extra week. Thank you!!

Canned Food Drive

The food drive ends on November 20th.  Alll of the food collected remains in our school district and is distributed to CVESD students and families only.  There are other food drives out there, but this one benefits our local school community. I will keep a box in our classroom. Hope you can help! Food Drive 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

Check your child’s folder for information about the Kinder Thanksgiving Feast on November 20th. Here is the sign up sheet to help make our feast be one to remember. Remember that items must be store bought and ready to be served! Thanksgiving Feast Sign Up

Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks! Gobble Gobble!