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100th Day Trail Mix

Hi Families,

We are missing quite a few items for our Trail Mix. Thank you to Jordan for bringing Cheerios, Jasir and Avery for bringing M&Ms, Maria for bringing pretzels, Maysa for bringing chocolate chips, and Hallie for bringing Chex.

If any families can still donate any of the following items, that would be fantastic. If not, I will purchase them tomorrow morning. If you can donate an item, please make note in the comments so that we can see which items still need to be taken care of.

Kix Cereal

I large bag of raisins

1 large bag of butterscotch chips

1 large box/carton of goldfish crackers

1 bag of mini marshmallows.


Jump Rope For Heart

Our school actively participates in Jump Rope for Heart, an event that raises money for the American Heart Association. Your child may be coming home soon talking about a keychain dog on a lanyard, and you will start to see the friendly competition between classes charted on posters around the school. The students will be jumping rope on Friday February 5th, in two weeks.

Friday a flyer went home with information.

My best ADVICE if you plan to donate: Give $5 ONLINE and you get TWO DOG keychains! I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is to the kids. If you give $5 in cash or check you only get one dog keychain. Plus it makes my life easier to have online orders. Here’s the link to donate online:

Jump Rope for Heart Online Orders

Just print out the confirmation page and bring it to school and I’ll give the student the dog 🙂

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading.

Q3 HW 2

Continue to work on the 100th day vest. Your child does not need to bring this to school ahead of time, but wear it to school on Tuesday, the 100th day of Kindergarten!!

Q3 Menu 2

Flash Math!

On Tuesday your child will bring home their first flash math sheet. In Kindergarten students are expected to know how to add and subtract fluently with numbers 0-5. Your child will soon be taking home flashcards to practice this standard. They will be yours to keep and to practice nightly. They will come on a binder ring, just like the sight words did.

Everyday at the beginning of math your child will participate in Flash Math. There is a series of 8 different levels that get harder, and longer, as the levels go on. Students must complete the level with 100% accuracy and within a minute, to move on to the next level. Students know that they should not get upset if they don’t finish the level in a minute that day, but know that their goal is to at least get one more problem correctly the following day. They did a wonderful job today, especially for it being the very first time!! No tears, and all happy faces as they were proud of what they personally got accomplished. Please review these sheets as they are sent home, so that you can also see what your child may need any extra support on. They are going to love it!! Thanks for your support as always!

100th day vest tutorial

Please see the bright orange paper that was sent home in your child’s blue folder. It has a TON of information in regards to the 100th day. One of the items is to make a 100th day vest. Directions and guidelines are on the paper.

Here is a quick tutorial on one way to make a vest. Please let me know if you have any questions. Paper Bag Vest Directions

Be creative!!!

Q3 HW 1 and more!

HW due next Friday. At this point in time, students are capable of sound spelling. Remember that they may need help reading the directions, but that they should be doing the work independently!! Q3 Menu 1

**You may have heard some talk of marriage, a diamond ring, Darrin, love, etc. Rumor is true! Miss Lesiak got engaged over the Winter Break. That was the story I shared in writing this week, and their reactions were just priceless and SO loving!


***The 100th day is coming up and we are going to be doing many activities fun activities involving the number 100!! One of them involves Fruit Loops. I am looking for donations of TWO large bags of the generic Fruit Loops (the generic ones have bigger circles, which makes stringing them on a necklace, all that much easier). ** We will do a quick 100th day parade at the beginning of school on Tuesday, January 26th. If you want to stay around for 15 minutes or so, we will parade around the blacktop, as we did for Halloween! It will only be Kindergartners. **

****As the year is halfway through, we are running short on some supplies in our classroom. Things that we need in our classroom include: baby wipes, sandwich size bags with the zipper lock, magic erasers and hand sanitizer!

Thank you and Happy New Year to those of you who I have not seen!!  🙂

Meet Miss Pelayo

We are SO fortunate to get a student teacher in our classroom until May! I would like you to meet Miss Pelayo! She will start on Wednesday, January 20th. Make sure to say Hi! Welcome Letter