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Read Across America Week

Check out this week’s fun activities for Read Across America Week!!

Read Across America 2016

Q3 Menu 7

How is it already the 7th week of the 3rd quarter? Keep up the GREAT work!! Q3 Menu 7

Please sign up for a conference, if you haven’t already done so! Thanks

Parts of a Plant

We had some fun today in learning about the parts of a plant. We used vegetables to create the roots, stem, leaves, flower and seeds. Then we ATE it! Your child took this blank paper home today. See what you can use around the house to diagram the parts of a plant!

IMG_0279 IMG_0280 (1)

HW Menu 6

Great job on HW!! Keep it up as we gear towards Spring Break and conferences. Don’t forget to sign up for a conference on the google doc (see last post)!

Q3 Menu 6

Third Quarter Conference Sign Up

Please use this link to sign up for a date and time that best works for you!! (You may need to change the font size a bit smaller when entering name) 3rd Quarter Conference Sign Up

*If you have difficulty in signing up on our google doc please email me so I can fill your child’s name in. *

Camarena News Broadcast 2/11/16

Featuring Grace & Alex!

HW Menu 5

Sorry again! The long weekends are getting to me and I am losing my mind apparently!!! Q3 Menu 5

Party Party Party!

We earned all of our rocks into our AWESOME bucket so we have earned a classroom party!!! It was right at the end of the day so the decision was not yet made on what the party was going to be!!

Tell the kiddos to get ready for a POPSICLE party tomorrow!




HW Menu 4

Another week of fun! Here is the HW that is due next THURSDAY 2/11 (no school Friday)!! Q3 Menu 4

We Can Be President, Too!

This week we have been talking about the importance of a President, what the President does, and behaviors the President shows. We read a book today called, I Can Be President, Too! We were then inspired to share why each of us shows qualities to be a President.

This book is CUTENESS overload and I hope it brings a smile to your face! 🙂 Tomorrow they will bring the copy they wrote on. I have changed the spellings to be correct so that you can read each child’s work. (Reading Kinder spellings is a gift all Kinder teachers have!) Enjoy!!!!! I Can Be President, Too!