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Save The Dates!

Just wanted to share a few special Kindergarten dates with my families as the year comes to an end!  🙁

May 26th at 8:30 am: Ocean Extravaganza! Our little oceanographers will get to showcase their studies on sharks!

June 3rd at 9:00 am: Last Day of School! Kinder celebration in the classroom, followed by a fun lunch at the park!

More information about both of these events will come later. I just wanted to give a heads up in order for our families to get time off of work. Thanks!!

Q4 Menu 3 HW & A Few Other Reminders

Hi All,

April is flying by way too quickly. Here is the homework and some other important reminders. Q4 Menu 3

*Thank you to all of our Military Families. The kids had a great week of learning more about our Military and had a great time in helping celebrate our community’s military children.

**Wow!! It is so great that we are teaching our kids how to help others. So far we have raised $421 dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we still have a entire box of uncounted change. They are having such a great time raising money for a great cause. (It might also be a little bit about the pasta party)!

***Field Trip! Today your child took home the field trip form. PLEASE have this in ASAP!! It is always suggested to bring a packed lunch (because honestly most of them do not like the school field trip lunch), but if you would like your child to get a sack lunch from the CAFETERIA, I need your permission slip back and checked by TUESDAY! As always, volunteers are always welcome and the more the merrier. This one will NOT be as tiring as the Zoo!

****Local Measures. District wide testing for Kinder starts next week. Please make sure that your child is at school on Monday and Tuesday. The writing task portion of the testing will start on Monday and end on Tuesday. Make sure your child gets a good night sleep and a well balanced breakfast! The Language Arts portion of the test (reading a book accurately with comprehension questions and fluently reading the first 50 sight words) and the Math portion of the test (a cumulative review of all Kinder standards) will start this week also and go until the end of May. Please work on areas that we talked about over parent conferences that will help your child succeed!

*****Sign up for the COLOR RUN!! One of Miss Lesiak and Darrin’s favorite Camarena events. We will see you there! You can sign up here Color Run Sign Up

****** Family Camping Night! Don’t miss out on this event. More information here!  Fam.Camping Flyer


Month of the Military Child


Q4 Menu 2

This week the Unit of Study will be a bit different. It will continue this way for the next few weeks. If you need to know which shark your child chose, I posted it on the blog last week! Q4 Menu 2

Pasta for Pennies

We are collecting coins and other donations for the annual Pasta for Pennies fundraiser in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Today your child brought home a note and a piggy bank to start collecting!

We will be collecting donations through April 28th. The TOP fundraising class will earn a pasta party lunch catered by Olive Garden!! Let’s go Room 402!

Your child may bring in their box of coins or other donations any morning. We will dump it into a bigger box that I have and then I will return their box to them in order to keep fundraising. Feel free to keep the box until the last day or have your child bring it in a few times throughout the next week, but not every single day!

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks

Today your child got to choose the shark that they are going to study for the rest of the quarter. Please look to see which type it is, so that when you are doing research at home for homework, you are doing it on that specific shark and not jumping around from shark to shark. Feel free to check out books from the city library or find books at the bookstore on this specific type of shark. Saying that they are excited to learn about sharks is an understatement. They are SOOOOO interested and this will be such a fun unit!!

Shark Picks

Q4 HW Menu 1

We are beginning our unit of study on Sharks! Starting on next week’s homework, your child will be researching a specific topic on their shark, using a notes page to record their information, and will turn it in with their homework. They have 5 sharks to choose from. Tomorrow we are going to choose our shark. That will be the same shark they do their entire research on.

Q4 menu 1

Pop those POPCORN words!!

Your child is responsible for knowing the first 50 sight words. They will be tested on fluently reading the first 50 words in May. To be proficient in ELA on their 4th quarter report card, this is a skill they will need to pass. Here is a fun way to practice at home if your child needs it. Have fun by timing your child to see how quickly they can get through! HFW First 50 Fluency Practice PPT