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Week 3 News

  • We had a great first full week of kindergarten! Here’s what going on this coming week:

    Color Days

    • Monday- Purple
    • Tuesday- Brown
    • Wednesday- White and/or Black
    • Thursday- Pink

      • Error on paper we sent home.. sorry!
    • Friday- Rainbow day!

    Weekly Schedule:

    Wednesday– Library Day!

    • We will be going to the library every Wednesday afternoon.
    • Students can check out a book each week.
    • Take good care of the books!
    • Bring the book back the following Wednesday (or earlier)
    • They cannot check out a new book until the previous book is returned.

    Thursday- Collaboration

  • Every other week we have collaboration on Thursday afternoon. During this time, the kindergarten teachers meet to plan, and the students are taught by our performing arts teachers (theater, dance, visual art).  Collaboration teachers will typically be the ones dismissing at the end of the day. This week, I will dismiss the kids to teach the VAPA teacher our dismissal routines.

    Thursday at 3:00 in the classroom- Curriculum Hour

    Childcare will be provided in the auditorium (thanks to our principals!) or you can pick up your child at 2:30, drop them off at home, and come back. Please make sure at least one member of your family can attend the meeting. We will be discussing this year in Kindergarten, homework, and classroom environment. Thanks!

    Reminder for Blue Folders

    • Bring to school daily
    • Empty student work at home daily
    • Check Fridays for homework and important papers
    • Please keep the sight word ring of flash cards AT HOME. These often fall out if kept in backpacks or folders and then we have no way of knowing whose cards they are.
    • Sight word Poem-I Am. Your child brought home a poem last Friday. Our poem of the week will be sent home every Friday. They do not need to bring this home, as they also have a copy in the classroom. Please use this poem to practice reading sight words, as well as touching and reading the words. You may have your child illustrate in the box and underline the sight words of the week.


  • Sent home Friday with your child-Our Community of Learners. Please let me know if you do NOT have one and I will send it with your child tomorrow!
  • Due August 12th (but can turn in whenever you finish)
  • Make sure to talk about the finished cutout with your child so he/she can better share it with the class
  • Have fun doing it!


  • Please dress your child in closed-toed shoes
  • Sandals are not allowed.
  • Make sure your child’s shoes are comfortable for running around.
  • Make sure they can independently manage their shoes.
  • If your child’s shoes have shoelaces, please teach your child to tie them independently.

To Practice:

Letter sounds we are learning this week: a, m,

Sight Words: I, a

Sight Word Flash Cards

These are also known as our POPCORN Words!! Today your child brought home the first two of one hundred sight words that they will learn this year. These two sight words came home, hole punched on a ring. Please make sure to leave these at home. They fall out of a backpack, and then all of a sudden, we have no idea whose backpack they fell out of! Each week we will learn 2-3 new sight words. At the end of every week, I will send home the new words, hole punched, so that you can add them to the ring and practice at home. It is important to practice these everyday to help build reading and writing fluency. Many of these sight words are words that can not be sounded out, and need to be memorized. Together we can make our students be the best that they can be!

**Don’t forget to clean out the blue homework folder EVERY NIGHT!!!***

Writing! How You Can Help At Home!

Hi Families,

Today your child will be taking home a writing draft. We will be making an All About Me Book and today they practiced writing their first sentence, “I am ______.” Some things we are working on are

  1. Counting out how many words we will have in our sentence
  2. Touching and reading the cards before we pick up our pencil
  3. Starting on the left
  4. Starting with a capital letter
  5. Using the writing lines correctly
  6. Forming our letters correctly and the right size.
  7. Using a space between each word
  8. Putting a period at the end
  9. After writing the sentence, touching and reading it to make sure we have all of the words there.

Attached you will see an example of a student’s ALLSTAR work!! I will also attach the writing paper, and you can print at home and practice!! Practice is what counts! Beginning Writing Paper Star IMG_1285

Save the Date!

We will have our Curriculum Hour on Thursday August 4th at 3:00 pm in our classroom.

This is a meeting for the parents where we will discuss curriculum, classroom culture, our behavior system, homework, and much more. Childcare will be provided in the auditorium (thanks to our principals!) or you can pick up your child at 2:30, drop them off at home, and come back.

Please try and make sure at least one member of your family can attend the meeting.

Thank you!

Communication Folders

Your child brought home their light blue communication folder today. The expectation is to bring this folder to school everyday and to help teach the kiddos to be responsible and proud of their work. This is a place where you can also leave notes or other documents that you have from me. Please clean this out every night at home. Worksheets should not be going back and forth to school each day. Try your best to hold on to this folder. It is strong and sturdy and will last the entire year!

On the back of the folder are the Alpha Friends. Our goal in room 402 is for ALL of us to know ALL of our letters and sounds by December or sooner! We have been practicing singing and dancing to the song, Who Let the Letters Out? Here are two videos, the first one is a good visual and the second one is a demonstration of the movements I have been teaching the kiddos. Practice your letters and sounds everyday!!!

Who Let The Letters Out Song

Alpha Friends Motions Video Tutorial

Week 2 News

What a great first week! I can tell that this class is going to be special to my heart. In the first week the showed great manners, listened to directions, learned new routines, and made me smile! 🙂  Here are some updates as we begin our first FULL week of school!

  1. This week is the start of color days! To practice our color words we are wearing a different color to school each day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!
  2. Dismissal Monday-Thursday is at 2:30. Please enter through the Kindergarten playground gates. Maestra Myrmo will open the gates at about 2:25. Line up in a line (or an L shape to stay in the shade) so that I can dismiss one at a time. Friday’s dismissal is at 1:00 and will be every Friday. Kindergarten dismisses 15 minutes early than the rest of the school M-F due to one on one dismissal. Please be on time! If you are ever 15+ minutes late, I will walk your child to the attendance office they will be dismissed from there.
  3. If you have not already brought one, please bring a SMALL blanket/towel as we will be taking a short siesta Monday-Thursday (also known as Quiet Corner in the handout). These will be returned every other week, so that you have time to wash/switch them out for the next two weeks.
  4. Lunch routines start tomorrow. We have an early lunch/recess and do snack/recess in the afternoon. Students often eat all of their food at lunch and then do not have a snack in the afternoon, so let’s work together to make sure that this does not happen. The best advice I have is to either pack a snack and write an “S” on it, as well as their name (for the first few weeks), or do not pack the snack in the lunchbox. I will have a red wagon out, to put lunch boxes in, as well as a purple basket out for snacks. If your child is going to pack a lunch, perhaps pack the snack separately so that they can put their lunchbox in the wagon, and their snack in the purple basket. If your child is going to buy lunch, please still pack a snack for the afternoon. Kindergarten eats lunch early, at 10:45, so it is important to pack a snack for the remainder of the day’s learning. Talk to your child about what their snack is or where it is so that they are not confused.
  5. Curriculum Night will be coming up. The Kinder teachers have not set a date, but it will be within the next two weeks. At this time you will learn more about what they will be learning this year, as well as classroom specifics. Stay tuned!
  6. Your child will work with the sounds Mm, Aa, this week! Practice recognizing the letter and the sound this week.

Let’s have a great first week!!!!!

First Day Success!

Hi Families,

WOW!! What a great first day! Not all first days of Kindergarten are that easy. I can already tell that this class is going to go great places!! Just wanted to send out a few reminders and some updates.

1. Tomorrow we will meet on the blacktop where the big kid playground is. I will have my pocket chart out there with the name tags again. Our letter to line up at is R. That is where we will meet everyday for the rest of the year. Thank you for having those kiddos in a straight line today.

2. You should have received an email from myself about Shutterfly. This is where I will upload pictures from special events, field trips, holidays, and by quarter. This site can only be viewed by members I invite. You can also add pictures to the site if you snap some good ones you’d like to share.

3. If you did not bring an extra pair of clothes today to be left in the classroom, please do so ASAP. You never know when an accident may happen. We did a great job in learning the bathroom rules today.

4. Remind 101. Don’t forget to sign up for this! Information was sent home in your welcome packet on how to sign up. I like to send quick reminders on the app such as “Library day tomorrow” or “Color Days begins on Monday, don’t forget to wear red”.

5. Today the first “HW” was sent home. It was the green Marvelous Me page. Turn this in on Monday, once we get more into the swing of our morning routines. Once my class roster is finalized we will start using Communication folders that I will provide.

6. Just a reminder that there is no playing on the play structure or with the playground equipment BEFORE OR AFTER school.

7. Quiet corner will start next week when we have full days. Some turned in blankets today, and that is fine. If not, no need to bring them until Monday.

It is a lot of information the first 3 days! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me! Thanks for your help in making this first day successful!!! 🙂

Orientation PPT

It was great meeting most of you this afternoon. I am excited to get to know all of those smiley little faces that I got to say hello to today. Like promised, here is the Orientation PPT, especially for those important save the dates. Kinder Parent Orientation 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 year!

Please make sure to subscribe to my blog for the most up to date information throughout the year. I am looking forward to this upcoming school year!