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Things, Things, and MORE Things!

A lot of news to report in our last 3 weeks of school before Fall Break!

Headphones: The kiddos will start doing some work on the iPads during their word work center. If you would like to send in a pair of small headphones for your child to keep in their book box for the remainder of the year, you may do so. Please label them and put them in a Ziploc bag. I do have a number of headphones that they can use as well, just not nearly close to a class set.

VAPA: Students will see their VAPA teachers this Friday. Our normal Thursday afternoon time got switched again due to a Dual Immersion Meeting. The VAPA teachers will pick them up in the morning and dismiss them in the afternoon. I will send home blankets to be washed on Thursday afternoon.

Labor Day: No school on Monday, September 5th.

Conferences: Conferences start for Room 402 on Tuesday, September 6th. Minimum days start on Thursday, September 8th, and last for the remainder of the quarter. The last day of school before Fall Break is September 16th. School resumes on October 4th.

Grandparents Day: Camarena will be having our first annual Grandparents Day! All Grandparents are invited to enjoy a light continental breakfast with their grandson or granddaughter on Monday, September 12 beginning at 7:30 a.m. in our Multi-Purpose Room.  We will end promptly at 8:05 a.m., allowing your students to line up prior to the bell.

Field Trip: We will be going to the Otay Public Library on September 8th. Thanks to those of you who have turned in your permission slip, library card form, and volunteer form (optional). Once I get all of the forms in, I will email the volunteers. It should be fun!

Wednesday: Library Day and Picture Day! Can’t wait to see those smiling beautiful and handsome faces.

Fall Conferences & Our Newest Sound Experts

Hi Everyone! Just thought I would post the Fall conference schedule so that you all have the final copy. Conferences start a week from next Tuesday. Where did this first quarter go?? If it doesn’t look like I have you up for the right time slot or something came up, please let me know ASAP! Thanks!!

Be mindful of being on time for your conference, so that the later conferences will stay aligned with the time that they signed up for! Q 1 Conf Final


thumb_IMG_1490_1024 thumb_IMG_1491_1024

HW Update & Some More

First of all, GREAT job with the homework this far! As more kiddos are learning their sounds, more kiddos are also taking home CVC Phonics Books, as well!

I have TWO awesome Thursday volunteers that were able to help me check the homework that was due TODAY, and put in the HW and poem that is due NEXT WEEK. Since I have their help on Thursdays, I think that our new game plan will be to collect HW on Thursday (as we have been), and send out the new one on Thursday (instead of Friday). That will give you an extra day to complete it! Thanks for understanding!

**Picture day is not next Wednesday, but in two Wednesdays. Excuse my tired teacher/bridal brain when I told you all next Wednesday at dismissal yesterday. Oops! August 31st is the correct day! You may either order online, bring in the order form that was sent home on the day of picture day, or wait until pictures are in and decide whether to order or not.

We have some new sound experts! Way to go Emma, Joe and Owen! IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1455

Camarena’s Very Own OLYMPIAN

A mom of a 3rd grade student at Camarena, Brittney Reese, competes in the long jump at the Olympics tomorrow and Wednesday! As we are talking about Community in school this quarter, nothing would be great than to get together and cheer on one of our neighborhood’s own! GO USA!!

4 New Sound Experts

Congratulations to Timothy, Dominic, Emma and Joe for learning all of their sounds!!! *Not pictured, Emma and Joe!* (They were having TOO much fun in choosing and asked to make their crowns next week. Pictures to come!)

IMG_1413 IMG_1414


We have our first group of Sound EXPERTS!!! Let’s all give them a round of applause. These 7 kiddos have learned all of their letter sounds and their owls have climbed to the top of the tree!! Remember to practice your Alpha Friends every night! Can’t wait to have our sound party once every owl has climbed to the top of the tree! IMG_1407 IMG_1403


RAZ Kids

We are fortunate to get a reading program called RAZ kids, that the kiddos will use in the classroom and can use at home, too. Check your child’s blue folder for their personal RAZ Kids Information. Please watch this quick tutorial on how to access the online reading program, the neat features it has, and the expectations I have for it. Happy Reading!!

RAZ Kids Parent Tutorial

Scholastic Book Orders

Tomorrow your child will take home their first Scholastic Book Order form. These usually will be sent home about once a month. This is a place for you to start building your child’s at home library as they start to become a reader. Along with this book order, I sent home instructions. It is always easiest to order the books online, using our classroom’s code. The books get sent to the school, and then I will deliver them to you and your child. Not only does ordering books for your child help their brains grow, but it helps our classroom library grow with free books that we get with every order.

Our classroom code: JP963


Week 4 News


The first homework menu went home in your child’s folders/backpack today! Homework is due on Thursday. I will not be collecting these out of their folders any earlier than Thursday, so no need to put them in there.

My biggest reminder on homework is that you only choose ONE activity (shape) from each page. You do NOT have to do everything written in the box.

Phonics Books: Some students have started to read CVC words. These students have started to take home their weekly phonics books. These come home in a manilla, padded folder. These books can be returned on Thursday, in the blue homework folder. A new book will be switched out and sent home on Friday with the new homework.


Our library day is Wednesday afternoon. Your child can return their book the the classroom library bin whenever they choose.

Sight Words

I am almost done testing the kiddos on their sight words. Every week they will be tested on the words they have learned. Some students may be ready to go on and learn new words. Students learn at different paces so they will be tested weekly to help them with their needs. Each week they will take home a their specific list of words they need to work on. There will be 10 lists, with 10 words on each list. IMG_1359A smiley face next to the word shows that they know it. If a word is blank, they do not know it and those will be the ones to practice at home. The following week they will be tested on that list again to see if they have mastered those words. If they do, they will go on to the next list. Check their folders for this list to help your child’s individual words at home. An example is posted. Miss Lesiak learned all of the words on list one, but only 6 from List 2. She will take this list home and practice with her family. The following week she will be tested on List 2 again. If she masters it, she will move on to List 3. After students learn all 100 words. They will then start over at List 1 but it will be a spelling test, rather than a reading test.

Curriculum Hour

Thank you to the families that attended Curriculum Hour last Thursday. If you missed it, your child took home the PowerPoint with the topics that were discussed. Let me know if you have any questions. Here it is, if any prefer a digital copy. 2016 curriculum night kindergarten FINAL

Green Forms

Please send back in the green form regarding your most up to date personal information. I am only missing 5 student’s forms!

Have a great week!!


I am class book 2016-2017

As we are building our classroom community, we are also building our ability to read sight words, and touch and read simple sentences. “Touching and reading” is the process of touching each word as you read it. This helps a child not skip words, use strategies to read words and check for understanding along the way. Please encourage your child to use the pointer (index) finger, which I call their “reading finger”.  This should be with the same hand they use to write with.   Point under each word as they read it.

A fun way to practice to touch and read and get to meet their classmates is within our first class book. There are 3 words in this book that we have learned: I, am, a. For some extra fun, feel free to print this out and add this book to your home library. Have students practice touching and reading each word of each page. Reading repetitive texts help build fluency and accuracy and are a great way to practice memorizing sight words. Or you may feel free to read this on the computer (with directions on how to lightly touch the screen).

Touch and Read Video Tutorial

You may also practice this skill with the weekly sight word poems!