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Let’s Hear It for Our Newest Sound Experts

Congratulations to Ronin, Nathan and Damien!!! Way to go! img_1612 img_1611 img_1584

Field Trip on Thursday

We are walking to the Otay Ranch Public Library Thursday!


  • Jeannette (Damien’s Mom)
  • Yesica (Deyani’s Mom)
  • Mary Ann (Madison’s Mom)
  • Olivia (Nathan’s Mom)
  • Micah (Ronin’s Dad)
  • Charlotte (Daylen’s Mom)
  • Dareli (Joe’s Mom)
  • Sheana (Owen’s Mom)
  • Yoohwa (Chloe’s Mom)
  • Karla (Paola’s mom)

Chaperones: please let me know if I have your name by mistake, or let me know if you signed up to go and you are not listed here.I would like to be prepared with how many adults will be joining us. Please come with your child Thursday in the morning to the classroom. The field trip will be from approximately 8:15- 10:30 am. Thanks!

****Some parents did not fill out the library card form (Nathan, Kaliyah and Norah). If your child already has one, please bring their card tomorrow or on the morning of the trip and give it to me. The children will be taking home a library book from the Otay Public Library and we would like everybody to get one. If you just forgot to fill out the form, there is an extra on my door. Mrs. Romaneli’s Class went today and reported that the kids have such a great time!!