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Winter Wonderland Basket Parent Volunteer

Hi Families,

Halloween is just ending and here we are getting ready for the holidays. Each year Camarena has a Winter Wonderland Festival and each classroom is in charge of making a silent auction gift basket. This is where I NEED some help! I am hoping to have somebody volunteer to help take this on (emailing parents, collecting goods or money, putting together the basket, etc.). The basket is due the Monday after Thanksgiving, November, 28th. Our classroom’s theme is TAILGATING!

Please let me know if you would like to be that special helper! Thank you! 🙂

End of October News

Hi Families,

Wow! Here we are coming up on November, and already half way through the second quarter of fun and learning! Just wanted to send some reminders out about next week.

  1. Federal Survey: Each child got a federal survey that was sent home today (yellow sheet). Please fill out and sign that ASAP! I told the kiddos that they can earn a WOW ticket if they bring it in on Monday.
  2. We will be doing some pumpkin observations on Monday. If you haven’t sent in a small pumpkin, please do so. A few parents have brought in some extras just in case. Students will bring their pumpkins back home that afternoon.
  3. Halloween Parade: The Halloween Parade will be Monday morning once we take attendance. You are invited to stay and watch and take pictures. It is helpful if your child can wear their costume OVER their clothes, as they will change out of if after the parade is over. Please NO masks, face paint or weapons. Can’t wait to see all of the fun and creative costumes!

Field Trip Information & More

  1. Tomorrow is an exciting day! Here are some friendly reminders and information to make sure tomorrow is 100% successful and fun!!
  • Please arrive to school on time tomorrow. We will quickly check in, take attendance, account for lunches, do a restroom break and then head on our way.
  • Students DO NOT need to bring backpacks or folders tomorrow, but of course, you still may do so. We will return to Camarena at approximately 2:00 and dismissal will be at the regular time of 2:30.
  • LUNCH! Please pack your child a sack lunch (paper bag, plastic grocery bag) that can be thrown away at Bates Nut Farm. Do NOT pack Tupperware or containers that you would like to keep. These students checked off that they ordered a lunch from the cafeteria on the permission slip: Damien, Isaac, Piper, Daylen, Joe and Ian. Those students will get a sack lunch from the cafeteria, everybody else must bring one from home.
  • Please check the weather forecast and wear comfortable clothing, shoes, and put sunscreen on prior to arriving to school, if needed.
  • Parent Chaperones: These are the parents that signed up and paid to come. Please let me know if this has changed. Damien, Deyani, Madison, Nathan, Ethan, Sophia, Ronin, Daylen, Emma, Ayaka, Chloe
  • Parent chaperones may come in with us in the morning and help with bathroom breaks, getting the school lunches, etc. before we head on out. Remember that parents are driving themselves, as we can’t accommodate all 5 classes and their parents. Feel free to chit chat in the morning and carpool.

2. PUMPKINS!!!! We will be doing a pumpkin investigation next week, October 31st. Within the next week, please have your child bring in a small pumpkin, that can easily sit on their desk. Write their name on the bottom. We will be measuring, weighing, etc. the pumpkins on Halloween. They will take the pumpkin home on Halloween afternoon.

3. Camarena celebrates Halloween with a Character Parade

  • The students can wear their costumes in the morning on Monday 10/31 for Halloween! We will have a school-wide parade first thing in the morning, and parents are welcome to stay and watch. It’s a great event!!
  • Please no masks, face paint or weapons of any kind.
  • After the parade, the students will TAKE OFF their costumes for the rest of the day. If at all possible, please have your children wear clothes underneath their costumes so they do not have to change in the bathroom. Also if you are available to stick around to help your child change clothes, I would greatly appreciate it!



Red Ribbon Week

Here are the following dress up days for next week as we celebrate Red Ribbon Week! red-ribbon-week

Monday 10/24: Wear Silly Socks

Tuesday 10/25: PUMPKIN PATCH DAY!!! Wear CLOTHES suitable for the field trip instead of mismatched clothes or shoes.

Wednesday 10/26: Wear RED

Thursday 10/27: Wear a Favorite Team Shirt

Friday 10/28: Wear Your clothes inside out

Busy October!

Picture Make Up Day tomorrow: If your child was absent on the previous picture day, or if you want them to try out that smile just one more time, tomorrow is the day. I have order forms hanging on the inside of my front door, if you need to fill one out tomorrow morning.

Field Trip/Literature Comes To Life: Today your child took home the information and permission slip for our trip to Bates Nut Farm, at the end of the month. Turn those papers in as soon as you can. **Also, there was a slight error on the Bates Nut Farm Study Permission slip.  All of the information is correct in the letter, but on the permission form itself, it says the day we are going is Thursday, but we are going on Tuesday the 25th of October.  You can change that yourself or I will change it when you return them. Sorry for the confusion!

PTA Membership: The children of Room 402 are looking for 100% PTA participation from their parents. The school community receives many great benefits from the PTA memberships. If we are the class with the most participation in the school, each student will get to choose one book from the next Scholastic Book Fair (November) and we will earn a PIZZA PARTY!! Boy where they excited when they heard that!! Join Today!

VAPA: Students will enjoy some extra fun learning this week with their VAPA teachers on Thursday afternoon. VAPA teachers will dismiss them.

Pastries with Parents: Friday from 8:15-9:15


A Little October 31st Fun

We would like to collect some Halloween items in order to give each kid a goody bag on October 31st. This is not mandatory, but donations are welcome. I will post this list outside my room, and you may sign up there if you choose. If you do not pick up your child from school and would like to participate, just shoot me an email! Thank you! halloween-goody-bag-2016

And a special shout out to 3 new sound EXPERTS!!! Congratulations Ayaka, Kaliyah and Madison! img_1785

2nd Quarter, Here We Come!

Hi to all,

I hope each and everyone of you had a WONDERFUL Fall Break! It is hard to believe that it is over, but we have an exciting quarter of learning, field trips, assemblies, holidays and SO much more! Just wanted to share some friendly reminders as we get back into the groove of things.

  1. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a FULL day of learning. Dismissal is at 2:30
  2. Library day is on Wednesday. Many students do not have a book at home, but if you do, please return it so that your child can get a new one.
  3. Homework will resume again this week. I will also return the phonics books at the end of this week, and some students will start receiving their phonics books.
  4. Quiet Corner is over. No need to send blankets on at the beginning of the week anymore.
  5. Last but not least, I would like to introduce myself as the new Mrs. Courtney Demchuk! We had the most AMAZING day! Feel free to call me Mrs. Demchuk, Mrs. D, Courtney, Miss Lesiak. I will wait until the end of the school year to officially change it. Considering many of the kids accidentally call me mom, it will be an adjustment for all! 🙂  Here are a few pictures from our special day! Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you all.
  6. img_1691 img_1696 img_1753 img_1754 img_1755