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Last Week of Quarter 2 News

The Holiday Show is Thursday, December 15th at 8:30 amĀ in the auditorium.

The students will sing their individual class song on stage, Must Be Frosty.

At the beginning and the end of the performance we will be singing songs with all of kindergarten. For these songs, your students will be standing on benches along the wall closest to the cafeteria/outside lunch tables (left wall if you are facing the stage). I would recommend sitting on that side of the auditorium if possible so you can see them better!

The show will last about an hour and then we will head back to the classroom for some picture opportunities. It is also VAPA day in the afternoon!

Pajama and Polar Express day is Friday, December 16th.

We will be watching The Polar Express and enjoying that special time in our Pajamas! Please let me know if your child will not be there that day, as a lot of things will be going

Report Cards

Report cards will go home this week, attached with an addendum and some of your child’s work. There will be no homework over Winter Break, but please work on any skills/concepts that were brought to your attention on the addendum and/or report card.

Winter Break

Enjoy the 3 weeks off with friends and family! School resumes on Tuesday, January 10th, and it is a minimum day!


Shape Flash Cards

Today your child took home shape flash cards. On the ring there are the 5 2d/flat shapes and the 4 3d/solid shapes your child will be accounted for. Not only is it important to name the shapes, but to also describe them and compare them. It is important to compare a 2d shape to another 2d shape, but also a 2d shape to a 3d shape. For the next two weeks we will only be focusing on the 2d shapes (circle, square, rectangle, hexagon and triangle). We will continue 3d shapes during the 3rd quarter.

Some vocabulary you can use while describing the 2d shapes may include: 2d, flat, corners, sides, straight line, curved, round

Thanks for continuing the learning at home!!!