Monthly Archives: January 2017

Jump Rope For Heart

Our school is raising money for the American Heart Association. We have 2 weeks to send in money before we jump rope on Friday February 3rd. The students earn animal key chains when they raise in money. Please do your best to turn in the money ONLINE they get more prizes and its easier for us! Print and bring your receipt so we know what to give them. Information was sent home today! Here’s a list of prize animals:

  • Coupon or $5 = lanyard + lion
  • 1st ONLINE order = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck
  • $20 cash or online = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda
  • $35 cash or online = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda + monkey
  • $85 ONLINE ONLY =lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda + monkey + giraffe
  • $100 ANY = penguin + previous ones (but NOT elephant, duck or giraffe)

Valentine Grams

Sorry for the late notice, I just got word of this last night!! Valentine Grams are for sale!

Please complete the order form below and attach the necessary money. You may turn in the Valentine Grams to your child’s teacher or the office.  The deadline to purchase Valentine Grams is Friday, January 20, 2017. The order form is below.


Flash Math

Today your child took home their first addition/subtraction fluency practice! We call this flash math! Each day (Monday-Thursday) we will start our math block of the day with this practice. This is a timed practice, where they get 90 seconds to complete as much as they can. When they pass a level, meaning getting all problems correct, they will go on to the next level. It starts with addition, then subtraction, and then is a mixture of the two. The amount of problems also increases, as the level increases.

We chatted today about how it is OKAY to not pass a level right away and that it takes a lot of practice. Our goal is to at least get 1 more problem correct the next day!! We want to be proud of the work that we do get completed!!

Practice the flash cards I sent home, any other flash cards you may have at home, and writing equations with the equal sign both on the right and the left ( _ + _ = _ AND _ = _ + _). Another great skill is to give your child the whole, and they have to fill in the parts          ( 5 = _ + _ ).

I will send home the flash math sheets so that you can see their progression, or where they need some extra help!