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Last Day News!

The time is finally here! Here are some last minute tidbits and pieces of information as we get ready to celebrate out Kindergartners!

-Students can dress in their Sunday best for the morning performance. Parents may bring a pair of clothes for them to change into before we go to the park. Students do not need to bring anything else tomorrow.

-Students should still line up on the blacktop at line R. I will come and get them and we will go back to the classroom to take attendance before heading into the auditorium.

-Do not bring ant food/drinks for the picnic to the classroom.

-Kinder show will start in the auditorium at 8:30. You may want to go early to get a seat. We will be in the front left (if you are looking at the stage; same place as the Winter show). We will sing one song on the benches on the left, and the last two songs of the entire performance, we will sing on stage.

-After, you will be invited to the classroom for awards, a photo slideshow and a photo booth. If you are bringing siblings, please make sure that they are on their best behavior.

-Parents will be dismissed and will take student portfolios and memory books as they leave. This is the time to get the food and head down to the park to get ready for the Kinders. You can claim an area for any blankets, tents, chairs, etc. We will put ALL the food from all of the classrooms in the same area and share. This is usually under the gazebo, inĀ  the shade.

-Students will walk down around 11:00 for a fun picnic in the park lunch!

-Students will walk back to campus around 12:00-12:15 to say their goodbyes! Dismissal is at 1:00!