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Save the Date!

Hi Families,

I just wanted to give a heads up on a future field trip. The library one was planned last minute and I know that many of you want to be able to participate, but need more time to communicate with work to take any time off.

Kindergarten students will be going to Oma’s Pumpkin Patch on October 25th!

Library Books Galore!

What a day! Today your child could have possibly brought home THREE library books (2 from the Public Library and 1 from the Camarena Library). Your child should have also come home with a library card from the Public Library. This is a card especially for Kinders and First Graders and allows students to check out TWO books at a time.

It is your responsibility to return the Public Library books to the library. Please make sure you are checking the bar codes on the front of the books to see which library it belongs to. Last year, our school librarian got a lot of books returned to her that were actually public library books, and then she did not know who to return them to. Vice versa, try not to return the Camarena library book to the public library.

I will make a separate album on Shutterfly for this field trip! A lot of fun was had!

Wednesday Events

Wednesday is a bust day for us here in Room 402! Picture day, field trip, and library.. OH MY!!

Please be at school on time on Wednesday, ready to go on the blacktop. We will be going straight from the blacktop to take our pictures in the library. We will then quickly hop back to class to take attendance, go over some rules, and begin our journey to the library.

If you are chaperoning for our field trip you can follow us along to get our pictures taken and then back to the classroom. We will leave pretty shortly following that. You may be in charge of 2-3 students, just to help along with following the rules, especially along the street, and to help those children find a library book. We should return from the library around 10ish.

Please let me know if you have any further questions! Thank you! 🙂

GO Math!

About two weeks ago your child took home a big math book titled, GO Math! I know there have been some questions about what to do with these books.  They took this home as we had finished our first chapter in math, representing, writing and counting numbers 0-5. Not all of the pages were completed as some are vocabulary pages, chapter tests that we do not use, review pages or reteaching pages. This is yours to keep at home. Feel free to have your child play school or to work on any of the pages that were not completed as extra practice! It was a lot of management and time for students to use book correctly (find correct page, not jump ahead), so I have been recruiting parents to rip the pages out for me ahead of time. This is what you will now see in your child’s folder; daily math worksheets from the GO Math! workbook. This will also help you in seeing what we are working on on a daily and weekly basis, rather than the end of the unit. I still may send home any sheets that we do not complete, as extra practice at home. Feel free to choose what to do with them. I hope that has answered any unanswered questions!

Sound Experts

We have TWO new experts in town! Let’s congratulate Julian and Amari on fluently reading all 26 sounds. As report cards and conferences are just mere weeks in front of us, I will be testing your child on many concepts (counting, letter identification, sound identification, rhyming, number recognition, math chapters, and more). Many of you are eager to know if your child has made progress on their sounds. Please bare with me as much of Kinder testing is one on one and time consuming. If your child is only a few sounds off, I will send home a post it note with the sounds to practice, otherwise we will go over your child’s plan at conferences.


Adios, Quiet Corner!

**Ahh! I thought I posted this last Thursday!!! Update, update! If your child brought their blanket/towel today, it will be sent back home!

Blankets were sent home today and can stay at home. We have “graduated” quiet corner. Originally we talked about quiet corner lasting for the entire first quarter, as a way to ease them in to the long day. As we start our first unit of study next week, we are going to be practicing how to independently and team work in workstations. We are going to use this time to practice those skills instead, so that by the time second quarter comes, they will be ready to rock n’ roll! Thank you for your cooperation!!

Scholastic–Let’s Find Out!

Dear Families,

In your welcome packet that you got on July 17th, there was a notice about the Scholastic Magazine, Let’s Find Out. I would still like to purchase this for our students. I received $6 from 5 out of 24 families (Mackenzie, Julia, Amari,Jailea, Angela). If you are willing to still donate $6 for this great resource, Room 402 would greatly appreciate it!!

What is it?
Let’s Find Out ® is an early-childhood magazine I’d like to get for every child in my class. Each issue teaches students about the real world with colorful photos and simple articles I know your child will be excited to read. In every issue, we’ll learn about plants, animals, seasons, and more with articles and activities that develop the reading skills your child will need in grade school and beyond. With your contribution, we’ll get 32 issues that your child can bring home and share with you. Your family will also get access to the Let’s Find Out website, featuring fun videos and learning games. Your help in making this valuable resource a part of your child’s education is greatly appreciated. Please send cash in an envelope with your child’s name, in the amount of $6.00 so that we can start using the
magazine as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support in helping me make your child’s education meaningful and successful.

Look WHOOOO has joined the PTA!

Thank you to the families that have joined the PTA!!! There is still time to join. You may join by visiting the Camarena PTA’s website,, OR I have a few extra PTA forms in the classroom. Look, even Mrs. Demchuk has joined! Join today, and let’s earn that ice cream party!!!


Classroom Party

On Wednesday, our 16th day of school, we earned our first classroom party!!! We earned all of our rocks into our owl bucket. The kids earned this by working together as a whole (quiet working, beautiful line, transitioning quietly, being respectful, etc.) I told the kiddos that we would celebrate on Friday but did not tell them the theme!!

Tomorrow, have your child bring their favorite (SMALL) stuffed animal. We will not be using them all day, but will have some learning time with our stuffed animals. HOW FUN!! Make sure it can fit in their backpack for the times that we are not using them.

Sound Experts!

Let’s give a big ROUND OF APPLAUSE for our first group of sound experts. These 6 children know all of their letter sounds! When time permits, I will be testing other students who are close to knowing all 26 sounds! Make sure to practice everyday!