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Box Tops For Education

See the flyer below for information on how you can help our school! Your first collection sheet was sent home today. I will have extra collection sheets hanging on my door, for when you need more!

Number Handwriting Practice

Good Evening,

I am excited to meet with you all tomorrow to go over the year ahead. For the past few weeks we have been showing different ways to represent, count and write numbers 1-5.

Today I heard a lot of, “but I don’t know how to write the number!” We all tried our best but there definitely is room for practice and improvement. A lot of times children reverse numbers when writing, and that is common in Kindergarten, but our goal is to be writing them the correct way by the end of the year. Here is a 6 page document that you can print at home to have your child practice their numbers 1-5 handwriting. I am only attaching these numbers because those are the only numbers we are studying at the moment. One tool we use in our classroom are sheet protectors and white board markers, that way the paper can be slide in a sheet protector and used over and over again!

Happy Writing! BOY Numbers 1-5 Handwriting