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Girl Scout Cookies

Hi Families,

One of our very own classmates is a Girl Scout and it is cookie season! Mmm.. who doesn’t love that? Ella will be selling Girl Scout cookies and would like to know if any of her friends would like to buy some and support her. Her mom is willing to bring them to school or drop them off at your homes. It is as easy as ordering online,

*If I have any other Girl Scouts, let me know and I can do the same! (As well as buy a box myself!)


Room 402 could use some donations as we are over halfway through our fun year. Some items we could use are:

-Ziploc baggies with the zipper (quart and gallon)

-Treasure box items (dollar spot items or anything at home you are willing to part with)

-Babywipes (so the students can help clean our desks and for whatever other messy projects we get ourselves into)


-Pom poms (any size or color will do-found in the art supply section)

Thank you from Mrs. Demchuk and her kiddos!

Room 402 Behavior

Hi Families,

We are getting closer and closer to becoming first graders. With 103 days of school in, we only have 77 days to go. Lately, our behavior as a whole has been a little off. As a group, we are not following all of the classroom and school rules. There has been a lot of tattling, touching, unkind conversations, lack of participation, lunchtime issues, noisy working and transition times and so forth. With that said, I am going to go back to my clip system and change the cards that get sent home at the end of the day. I feel that I have been too lenient with behaviors and lack of consequences and that these behaviors are continually occurring.

Let me talk you through the process a bit. I will have a chart in my classroom that has four sections. Each day, students will start on green, “Ready to learn.” As long as students are on task and being their best selves, they will stay there and take that color card home. They have the opportunity of going up to purple, “Excellent”, or down to blue. “Ooops” and even further down to orange, “Had an off day”.

At the end of the day, students will lose 5 minutes of choosing time or the entire choosing time, depending on if their clip had to be moved down. I hope this will help us all as a group, and will help us be more responsible for our own actions.

I am hoping to have this put in place tomorrow, Monday the 29th, but if not, by mid week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Jump Rope For Heart

On Thursday your child took home the Jump Rope For Heart flyer (if not, there are extra on my door) and today they went to an assembly that got them pumped up to start fundraising and they learned a little bit about heart disease. Two friends already got to take home some prizes today for their fundraising efforts! We want to get 100% participation in our class! Last year, we were the TOP fundraising school in Southern California and raised nearly $25,000. That is something to be proud of! Mr. Strout and Mrs. Williamson have some incentives to get that fundraising going!

Top 2 Camarena fundraisers: get to pie Mr. Strout and Mrs. Williamson in the face

If Camarena reaches its $30,000 goal: Mr. Strout will sleep on the roof of the school one night so you can drive by and laugh at that!

Let’s get this going!

Flash Math

Addition and subtraction fluency within 5 is an important skill to master in Kindergarten! We will start taking timed fluency addition and subtraction tests. We took our first one today. Students will get 90 seconds to complete 16 problems. To pass a level, they will need to get all 16 problems correct. Just like sight words, the memorization of these facts is important. We want to get our kiddos away from drawing pictures and using fingers to memorization. Of course, it is okay to use those tools (pictures and fingers) as of now. We will do FLASH MATH on Monday and Wednesdays. Be on the lookout for sheets that look like these. If you see that your child is not answering many questions in the 90 seconds, making mistakes, etc., please help support them at home as well.

(Sorry for so many posts lately, but there just seems to be A LOT of news!)

Student Teacher

We are SO lucky to get a student teacher for the remainder of the school year. I would like to introduce to you, Erica Nicolet, as she joins are classroom as our student teacher, on her journey to being a credentialed teacher. She will start with us on Monday, January 22nd. Please give out a HELLO and make her feel welcome. It is also important to talk with your child on the expectations to a participating teacher. Please be on the lookout for some documents she will be sending home.

Sight Word Practice!

Hi Families,

I have finally found the time again to test your children on their weekly sight word lists. I will try to get this done once a week, whether they are working on reading their list or spelling the words on their list.

I know we have just started third quarter but I wanted to send out some resources that will help your child get ready for some fourth quarter testing. As I told many of you during conferences in September, all Kinder students in the District will take a test called Local Measures, in the subjects of English Language Arts, Writing and Math. In ELA, students are expected to know these 50 words fluently (without more than 3 seconds of hesitation, and without sounding them out). I sent home the list with report cards in December, but here is another copy of the first 50, so that you can practice at home if need be. Also I am attaching a PDF with the first 50; with each slide having one word on it. Race to see how fast your child can go, as well as find the words that they get stuck on, and practice those more.  The third resource is a PPT but this PPT has my voice recorded on it. Each word is on 2 pages. On the first page, my voice is recorded and I am reading the word. It will switch to the next page with the same word, but this time your child will be expected to read it, and so forth. This third resource is for children who are having some difficulties in memorizing the words. (I have a special ABC font for this PPT, so I am hoping it will turn out okay when you all open it. Let me know if the font turns out to be unreadable)

Hope this helps!

CVESD first 50 2017-2018

HFW CVESD 2017 First 50

HFW CVESD 2017 First 50 Fluency Practice with voice

Valentine Grams

Student Council will be selling Valentine Grams this week. If you would like to send one to your child or have your child send one to a friend please fill out the order form below and send it it.  Orders are due on Friday, and the grams will be delivered on February 14th.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.39.28 PM


Camarena on Broadway!

The VAPA teachers are hosting the 2018 Variety Show (talent show) on March 15th!

They are looking for talented individuals and/or groups to try out to perform in this awesome show! Kindergarten-3rd Grade try outs will be held on February 7th.

If your child would like to audition, please email me so that I can send home a permission slip. Permission slips are due January 22nd.


RAZ Kids

Hi Families,

Tomorrow you will see that a few of the homework pages have changed. We will have a Reading Comprehension Page and a Reading and Writing Page. On the reading comprehension page you will be asked to use a program on the computer called RAZ-Kids. This will now be a mandatory part of the homework. (If you can’t access it for some reason, you may choose any books in your household). I have attached the login to your child’s homework that they will receive tomorrow. Here is a quick tutorial on how to login and directions to follow. In a nutshell, students should start at the lowest level and move up level by level, rather than jumping around. Students should read the books in order in each level. They should always first LISTEN, then READ, and then answer the questions if that applies. Thanks!