Blue Communication Folders

Today we learned MANY new classroom routines. Learning how to pack up, use our mailboxes, and get our folders was one of them.

The blue folder is expected to come to class everyday and will be returned back home in the afternoon. This is a place where students can put their work that they are so proud of, where I can send home any important classroom or office documents and you can also leave notes, papers, etc. for me.

Please clean this folder out NIGHTLY! Remember, Kindergartners may not remember to tell you that there is something important in their folder so please don’t forget to check. It may even be a good idea to practice putting papers in the pocket, if need be. This way we won’t have papers smooshed in the bottom of their backpacks.

These folders are sturdy and will last. We will be using them the entire year, so please be responsible with them.


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