Kindergarten Memories

Like promised, here is the YouTube video of our 2017-2018 memories! We had such a great year! Have the most wonderful summer and see you in first grade!

Kindergarten 2017-2018

First Grade, Here WE Come!

If a little birdie told you that Mrs. Demchuk is moving to first grade, it is in fact true. I have been asked to move to teach first grade for the 2018-2019 school year. After 6 years in Kinder, I am very excited for the challenge, the change, to work with the little ones still, and to clean out my classroom (Ha Ha)!  The news was starting to go around, so I wanted to spread the word so that you could hear it from me.

This year when the Kinder team made classes for next year’s first grade classes, we did not place students with a specific teacher, like we have in the past. It was blind, and we had teacher’s 1,2,3,4 and 5 and that is how we were asked to place kiddos. Some of you may end up in my class next year and some may get to grow with a new teacher. The First Grade team is AWESOME and I feel so lucky to be part of it next year. No matter who your child gets, I can assure you that it will be an AWESOME YEAR!!


Dear Parents,

A reminder that Residency verification is being conducted in the office. Please stop in between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm with a CURRENT BILL WITH A DUE DATE OF MAY 23 OR LATER (please refer to the pink handout that was sent home with your child if you have questions). Residency must be completed by May 30, 2018 for your child to be placed in a class for the 18/19 school year!

Thank you!!

Last Week of School Festivities

Today your child took home this flyer, explaining our last 4 days of fun! I wanted to post it on here as well, just in case it got lost in the mix of many things being sent home, as we start cleaning out or folders, book boxes, etc.

last week festivities

Military Mingle

End of the Year Reminders/News

Homework: There will be no more homework for the remainder of the year (CHEERS). If you still have one of my books at home, please return it. You can keep the yellow envelope. For the next two weeks I will still send home flash cards and the sight word poem. There is an end of the year PROJECT that was sent home today, May 11. You have two weeks to complete this, but feel free to turn it in earlier if you choose. Due May 18.

T-Shirts: The kids have finished their art and the t-shirt design is being made. I have 8 people who have turned in the order form and money for an end of the year t-shirt. The money is due on May 18. Here is the order form, if you have misplaced it. Camarena T-Shirt Flyer

End of year picnic: Thank you to those who have signed up to bring items for our picnic. There are a few things left that nobody has signed up for. Here is the link Picnic Food/Drink Sign-up

Last Week Events: We will have a fun last week of events (movie/pj day, game day, field day, etc). More information will go out about that at a later time.


Last Day of School Events

Today a flyer went home with your child that announces our FUN events on the last day of school! Please check their folder so you can plan accordingly to spend that day with us as a celebration of a year of learning in Kindergarten. A sign up sheet for our afternoon at the picnic is below.

Picnic Food/Drink Sign-up

Save The Date

In just one month, we will be on our way to first grade and summer break! More information will be coming soon, but I wanted you to have plenty of time to plan ahead for our end of the year festivities on Friday, June 1st. Please spend the day with us if you can, as our activities will start at 8:30 and take us to the end of the day!

A brief outline of what our day will look like:

Kindergarten Performance in Auditorium, awards in classroom, picnic at Windingwalk park!

Be on the look out for a flyer and a food sign up!

Apex Update

Dear Families,

Time flies when you’re having fun! Today during our Apex time, we got our next leadership lesson – Empathize. This isn’t an everyday word for students at their age. Simply put, The Apex Team described it as understanding the feelings of others and this lesson is crucial to our team being UNITED.

There are going to be times when students disagree with each other because we all come from different backgrounds. We have our own unique experiences and various points of view so its important to empathize and “walk in someone else’s shoes” to understand how they may be feeling!

As of today our class is at $21.33/lap.


Apex Fun Run Update

Dear Families,

Today, our Apex time was all about step #2 in becoming a leader and being UNITED. The Apex Team taught us the importance of having No Excuses. In order for leaders to be successful, we have to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions.

As of today our class is at $__2.67__/ lap.

*Important note: Pledges must be entered online to count towards our class total, so please be sure to log them on at

Here is tonight’s challenge-

The class with the most number of students to get a pledge tonight will get to have a silly string party tomorrow.

Thanks, The Apex Team