Parent Tutorials

RAZ Kids

Check your child’s blue folder for their personal RAZ Kids Information. Please watch this quick tutorial on how to access the online reading program and the expectations I have for it. Happy Reading!!

Sight Word Lists

Some parents voiced some interest in getting the sight word lists that your child will be tested on weekly. Since we did not have school on Monday of this week, they may not get tested. I am going to try to find time to do it. These lists each contain 10 words and are in the order in which I will teach them this year. Every time they pass a list, they will move to the next list. This is not something mandatory that you need to look at, but a great challenge you and your child can work if you notice that they are ready to move on to reading more words! I will also post this on the blog under “helpful links” so that you can always easily find it. Sight word lists 1-10 (You will only need to print page 1-4, not all 14 pages).

Blending Words

We have started blending words. When beginning readers sound out words, they slowly say each sound in a word (c-a-t), and then say the sounds quickly together to “read” the word (cat). In reading, teachers call this blending because sounds are being blended together. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can use this at home when reading or when spelling words. *Remember, we want our children to practice this on their own when they are ready. In Kindergarten spelling of these words is not what we are looking for.


“Touching and Reading” Tutorial

We are learning beginning reading behaviors and skills such as reading left to right and “touching and reading”.  This means to use the pointer finger of the hand your child writes with and point to each word as it is read.  Even if your child is not able to read their little Brown Bear book yet, you can read the words while your child practices to touch each word as you read.  Here is a video of one of Mrs. Romaneli’s students touching and reading his Brown Bear Brown Bear book. This will give you an idea of what it should look like. Enjoy! Touching and Reading Video Tutorial

Alpha Friends Sounds & Movements

Have fun practicing the sounds! Our goal is to learn all 26 sounds by December!

Handwriting – Tripod Grip

Writer’s Workshop has already started in our classroom! While you watch your child writing at home, try to ensure that they are using the tripod grip that they have been learning about in class! Watch the video to learn how!

Counting with fingers

Hi Families,

We will be counting with our fingers in a very special way in Kindergarten this year. Please watch the video to ensure that you and your child are correctly counting on your fingers. Make sure that when your fists are out in front on you, you always start with your left hand and with your pinky!