Entrepreneur Fair!

Save the date! We will be having our “Very First Entrepreneur Fair” here at Camarena on Thursday, April 12th in the MPR. We have over 20 students in grades 4, 5, and 6 that have created their own businesses and have produced items that they are going to be selling for $1-5. Students from all grade levels are encouraged to bring a couple of dollars to spend at the Entrepreneur Fair on that day.

Here is how it will work: When teachers bring their classes to the MPR, the students will form a line and exchange their real dollars for tickets. Each ticket will be worth one dollar. Please emphasize to your students that the tickets are like “real money” and they need to hold on to them so they do not lose their “money”. If you want to send in money, please put it in a bag, labeled with your child’s name. We are in the last group of classes to go, so I can’t promise how many items will even be left.



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