Fall Festival Help Wanted

Our wonderful Camarena PTA is holding our school’s FIRST Fall Festival on November 6th. Each class is in charge donating a themed gift basket. Our class basket will be Tailgate Themed. Our wonderful Desha Hollie is in charge of the entire Silent Auction, so I am looking for another parent or two to take on our classroom gift basket. Some classes in the past have collected money and the person in charge goes out to collect all items, where some other classes have assigned an item for each family to donate. The person in charge will help in arranging this, as well as creating the basket. Please email me or respond in the comments below if you could help out with this wonderful event!

GO SUN DEVILS AND STEELERS! Or whoever your team may be!



  • Roula Alraheb

    I would be able to arrange the basket when all the items have been collected

  • Roula Alraheb

    Go ROBO

  • Desha

    Rula (Maysa) will help make the basket pretty once the items are collected. What types of things do you want in the basket so we won’t have duplicates? Do you want to make list of items and have parents sign up for what items they will bring? The parents who just donate money, someone can go pick up the rest of the items with it? Just a suggestion.

    • admin

      If anybody wants to step up and make a list that would be great? That way I don’t have an extra task on top of entering data and report cards and conferences. If we do a google doc, then I can email it or post it on the blog and people can sign up. If nobody is up for that task, I will work on it sometime during Fall Break!

      • Desha

        I will make a list and anyone can feel free to add. I will type it up tonight and put it in Justin’s folder.

        • Precious Lacdan (Avery)

          I think it’s a great idea to get a list started and as Desha said, anyone can add to it as we go. If we do the Google doc and each family signs up for different items, we can probably avoid duplicates altogether. And for those who prefer to donate money instead, I can purchase the rest of the items on the list to ensure Roula has enough goodies to decorate our class basket with.

          • admin

            Wow! What a great group of parents. Thanks for all coming together. I will take the list and create a google doc!!! Go ROOM 402!!!

  • Erica Allen

    Do I just send items with my child to class?

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