Field Trip 4/18

We have been counting down the days on our calendar for this field trip to the zoo. Thank you for all your patience and promptness with getting in money and documents. I wanted to send out a few reminders and updates.

On the day of the field trip your child can or cannot bring their backpack to school. They will not need to take it to the zoo. Please pack a lunch that is entirely disposable and in a BROWN PAPER BAG or bag of some sort, so that nobody is stuck carrying it around all day. Please no lunch boxes or Tupperware. Please apply sunscreen on your child the morning of the field trip and be on time to school. Dress your child in appropriate clothing for the weather and sneakers. Do not pack money for your child. We will not be purchasing food or drink or buying souvenirs.  Parent volunteers can either come into the classroom with us in the morning at 8:15 or just meet us at the zoo. We will leave here anywhere between 8:45 and 9:00. Many parents like to follow the bus and/or find somebody to carpool with.

Parent Chaperone Information: We have 16 parent chaperones attending this trip. Fortunately nobody will have to pay full price (Hip Hip Hooray). I did the lottery and I have either received all of the money I need from you, or returned money into your child’s folder. If you have a zoo pass or military ID, please make sure to bring that on the day of the trip. Attached is some information for the parent chaperones. Feel free to read it over, but I will also have copies printed out. Chaperone guide 2018

We have never done the bus tour before, so please be patient with us in figuring out how it works on the day of the field trip. I am thinking that we do the tour, eat lunch, and have some free choice time to wander, if time permits. One the day of, the bus driver will let us know what time we need to get back to the bus, because the bus driver will need to get back to Chula Vista to do their after school routes.

Please feel free to email me at if I have left any of your questions out. Thank you! I am looking forward to an exciting day!



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