Flash Math

Today your child took home their first addition/subtraction fluency practice! We call this flash math! Each day (Monday-Thursday) we will start our math block of the day with this practice. This is a timed practice, where they get 90 seconds to complete as much as they can. When they pass a level, meaning getting all problems correct, they will go on to the next level. It starts with addition, then subtraction, and then is a mixture of the two. The amount of problems also increases, as the level increases.

We chatted today about how it is OKAY to not pass a level right away and that it takes a lot of practice. Our goal is to at least get 1 more problem correct the next day!! We want to be proud of the work that we do get completed!!

Practice the flash cards I sent home, any other flash cards you may have at home, and writing equations with the equal sign both on the right and the left ( _ + _ = _ AND _ = _ + _). Another great skill is to give your child the whole, and they have to fill in the parts          ( 5 = _ + _ ).

I will send home the flash math sheets so that you can see their progression, or where they need some extra help!


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