Flash Math

Addition and subtraction fluency within 5 is an important skill to master in Kindergarten! We will start taking timed fluency addition and subtraction tests. We took our first one today. Students will get 90 seconds to complete 16 problems. To pass a level, they will need to get all 16 problems correct. Just like sight words, the memorization of these facts is important. We want to get our kiddos away from drawing pictures and using fingers to memorization. Of course, it is okay to use those tools (pictures and fingers) as of now. We will do FLASH MATH on Monday and Wednesdays. Be on the lookout for sheets that look like these. If you see that your child is not answering many questions in the 90 seconds, making mistakes, etc., please help support them at home as well.

(Sorry for so many posts lately, but there just seems to be A LOT of news!)


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