GO Math!

About two weeks ago your child took home a big math book titled, GO Math! I know there have been some questions about what to do with these books.  They took this home as we had finished our first chapter in math, representing, writing and counting numbers 0-5. Not all of the pages were completed as some are vocabulary pages, chapter tests that we do not use, review pages or reteaching pages. This is yours to keep at home. Feel free to have your child play school or to work on any of the pages that were not completed as extra practice! It was a lot of management and time for students to use book correctly (find correct page, not jump ahead), so I have been recruiting parents to rip the pages out for me ahead of time. This is what you will now see in your child’s folder; daily math worksheets from the GO Math! workbook. This will also help you in seeing what we are working on on a daily and weekly basis, rather than the end of the unit. I still may send home any sheets that we do not complete, as extra practice at home. Feel free to choose what to do with them. I hope that has answered any unanswered questions!



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