HW Menu 5

Due next Friday, November, 13th. **The Homework Menu has changed a bit. There is now a reading comprehension component where your child will be held accountable for logging into RAZ Kids to complete the portion! Sight words will now be part of Reading and Writing. Don’t forget to take the sight word flash cards out of your child’s folder every Friday afternoon. I am finding a lot of them on the floor and then we don’t know whose they are.   🙁    Q2 Menu 5 Raz Kids Let me know if you have any questions in regards to this change!!

Many children have weekly reading books they are taking home. PLEASE turn these in on Friday’s with the homework. I am getting many kids turning them in on various days and it is too much to manage. If your child forgets to bring it with their homework, I will have them keep the book for an extra week. Thank you!!


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