HW Update & Some More

First of all, GREAT job with the homework this far! As more kiddos are learning their sounds, more kiddos are also taking home CVC Phonics Books, as well!

I have TWO awesome Thursday volunteers that were able to help me check the homework that was due TODAY, and put in the HW and poem that is due NEXT WEEK. Since I have their help on Thursdays, I think that our new game plan will be to collect HW on Thursday (as we have been), and send out the new one on Thursday (instead of Friday). That will give you an extra day to complete it! Thanks for understanding!

**Picture day is not next Wednesday, but in two Wednesdays. Excuse my tired teacher/bridal brain when I told you all next Wednesday at dismissal yesterday. Oops! August 31st is the correct day! You may either order online, bring in the order form that was sent home on the day of picture day, or wait until pictures are in and decide whether to order or not.

We have some new sound experts! Way to go Emma, Joe and Owen! IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1455


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