Jump Rope For Heart

Our school is raising money for the American Heart Association. We have 2 weeks to send in money before we jump rope on Friday February 3rd. The students earn animal key chains when they raise in money. Please do your best to turn in the money ONLINE they get more prizes and its easier for us! Print and bring your receipt so we know what to give them. Information was sent home today! Here’s a list of prize animals:

  • Coupon or $5 = lanyard + lion
  • 1st ONLINE order = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck
  • $20 cash or online = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda
  • $35 cash or online = lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda + monkey
  • $85 ONLINE ONLY =lanyard + lion +elephant + duck + panda + monkey + giraffe
  • $100 ANY = penguin + previous ones (but NOT elephant, duck or giraffe)

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