Jump Rope For Heart

On Thursday your child took home the Jump Rope For Heart flyer (if not, there are extra on my door) and today they went to an assembly that got them pumped up to start fundraising and they learned a little bit about heart disease. Two friends already got to take home some prizes today for their fundraising efforts! We want to get 100% participation in our class! Last year, we were the TOP fundraising school in Southern California and raised nearly $25,000. That is something to be proud of! Mr. Strout and Mrs. Williamson have some incentives to get that fundraising going!

Top 2 Camarena fundraisers: get to pie Mr. Strout and Mrs. Williamson in the face

If Camarena reaches its $30,000 goal: Mr. Strout will sleep on the roof of the school one night so you can drive by and laugh at that!

Let’s get this going!


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