Last Week of 2015 Updates

Hi Families,

Just wanted to send out a few reminders as we get ready to jump into Winter Break

Celebration of Learning is tomorrow at 5:00 in our classroom. Your child will be sharing their story and the story board they’ve created to go along with it. Please try to be here 5-10 minutes early so we can start promptly at 5:00 and not have families walking in after our presentation has started.

Thursday at 8:30 a.m. is the Kinder Holiday Show in the auditorium. A sign with your teacher’s name will be posted on the wall of the auditorium to show you where sit near, to best see our classroom perform Dona Nobis Pacem. All students will get to be on the stage for their individual song, but will be spread out during the last song which we do all together. Please see your child’s blue folder to know WHAT TO WEAR! Here is the flyer in case it got misplaced. Must be frosty clothing I will pass out the buttons on Wednesday! (I don’t have EXTRA so please don’t misplace them or forget to put them on your child Thursday morning)

Report cards will go home this week. Attached to the report cards is the addendum which shows how your child is doing in various areas. Please work on areas in need over the break. Also attached, will be your child’s sight words. It will show you which ones they know and which ones they still need to practice.


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