Library Books Galore!

What a day! Today your child could have possibly brought home THREE library books (2 from the Public Library and 1 from the Camarena Library). Your child should have also come home with a library card from the Public Library. This is a card especially for Kinders and First Graders and allows students to check out TWO books at a time.

It is your responsibility to return the Public Library books to the library. Please make sure you are checking the bar codes on the front of the books to see which library it belongs to. Last year, our school librarian got a lot of books returned to her that were actually public library books, and then she did not know who to return them to. Vice versa, try not to return the Camarena library book to the public library.

I will make a separate album on Shutterfly for this field trip! A lot of fun was had!



  • Allyson Dopwell (MacKenzie's mom)

    Busy day but according to MacK sounds like it was a lot of fun! Thank you for organizing this for the class, I know it took a lot of extra time and energy. Thank you so much!

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