I am POSTING this EXTRA early because I will not be at school tomorrow. There will be no more homework until we return from Fall Break.I will still send home the Sight Word Poem of the week. For the next few weeks please work on the skills we discussed in conferences that your child could particularly work on. Here are some fun games to play with sight words and some fun math games.      1 Less          More than BINGO                  Sight Word Board Game



  • Melissa

    Hi Miss Lesiak, I was not aware of Camila homework …I have been so busy working it’s sad. I promise we will catch up. We are practicing and doing hw..right now. Also I can meet next Wed the 16th it’s my only day off. I’m working 2 jobs. Please Let Me Know If It works.

  • Melissa

    Hi Miss Lesiak , got the conference date for sep 16th thank you. At 3:45

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