Sight Word Practice!

Hi Families,

I have finally found the time again to test your children on their weekly sight word lists. I will try to get this done once a week, whether they are working on reading their list or spelling the words on their list.

I know we have just started third quarter but I wanted to send out some resources that will help your child get ready for some fourth quarter testing. As I told many of you during conferences in September, all Kinder students in the District will take a test called Local Measures, in the subjects of English Language Arts, Writing and Math. In ELA, students are expected to know these 50 words fluently (without more than 3 seconds of hesitation, and without sounding them out). I sent home the list with report cards in December, but here is another copy of the first 50, so that you can practice at home if need be. Also I am attaching a PDF with the first 50; with each slide having one word on it. Race to see how fast your child can go, as well as find the words that they get stuck on, and practice those more.  The third resource is a PPT but this PPT has my voice recorded on it. Each word is on 2 pages. On the first page, my voice is recorded and I am reading the word. It will switch to the next page with the same word, but this time your child will be expected to read it, and so forth. This third resource is for children who are having some difficulties in memorizing the words. (I have a special ABC font for this PPT, so I am hoping it will turn out okay when you all open it. Let me know if the font turns out to be unreadable)

Hope this helps!

CVESD first 50 2017-2018

HFW CVESD 2017 First 50

HFW CVESD 2017 First 50 Fluency Practice with voice


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