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We are already learning to read in Kindergarten! This week we learned our first 3 words. We practiced reading these words in isolation, reading them in a poem, singing a song with the words in them, and we practiced writing sentences with them.

Each week we will learn 2-3 new words. Today your child is taking home some tools to use at home to practice reading the words. I have sent home a binder ring with three flash cards of words, “I”, “am”, “a”. This ring is to be kept at home so that it does NOT GET LOST. Each week on Friday I will send home the new words of the week, and you will add them to the ring, as they will already be hole punched. Also being sent home on Friday’s is the sight word poem. This is to also be kept at home. Have your child practice reading it to you by touching and reading each word. Your child can underline all of the sight words they see in the poem. Save these in a binder, or a folder, and have your at home sight word book. This poem does not need to be returned with homework (we will go over HW next Wednesday at curriculum night). They also have a copy in the classroom to use.

Attached right here is also a list of the FIRST 100 sight words. Your child will be exposed to all of these words throughout the year. Reading 100 words is our GOAL! Sight Word Checklists Final 2014-2015

*I often refer to sight words as “popcorn words” in our class. They are also known as high frequency words (HFW). If you hear any of those terms, we are talking about the same thing!

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