Tailgating Basket

Thanks to our volunteers that have offered time already and in the future to make our tailgating basket. We are hoping that we can get a donation from EVERY family to make this basket ROCK!! Desha made a list of items to go into a tailgating basket. That does not mean you have to choose from this list. If you think of another item, you may add it on. Please write your name next to the item your family will donate, so that we don’t end up with the same of some item. If you decide to donate cash, you may do that too. Then one of our volunteers can use the cash to go and buy some of the items. Hold on to these items until AFTER Fall Break. I will have a basket to collect these items in when we get back to school in October! (Let me know if the Google Sheet does not work). Thanks for your support!!! Tailgating Basket Sign Up


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