Thanksgiving Feast

We can’t wait to feast together tomorrow! Just some friendly reminders and some news.

The feast will start at 10:45 and parents are ALL welcome to join us and eat in the auditorium. If you are signed up to volunteer or would like to, arrive around 10:00-10:15. You can come stop by the classroom first and grab all of the items that families brought in. I will have the wagon and my snack basket to load up and we can use that as a transportation system. If you want to drop stuff off in the wagon before heading to the line in the morning, feel free, or follow your child into the Kinder area tomorrow morning and drop it off then.

The children made TWO hats this week. They made a Wampanoag Native American hat and a Pilgrim hat. Today they took home one of those hats. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BRING THAT ONE BACK TOMORROW. They kept the other hat at school, because the one at school is the one they want to wear to the feast tomorrow. If they brought home a Pilgrim hat, they will be a Wampanoag tomorrow at the feast, and vice versa. If you want to dress them up, to match, feel free.

No snack (because it is Friday) or lunch is needed tomorrow because the feast will consist be our lunch!

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

**On another note, HW was sent home today and will be due the Thursday that we get back from Thanksgiving Break (December 1st).

Your child also took home a recipe project to be worked on over the holidays, so check that out as well!!! Happy cooking!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with friends and family!


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