This week in Room 402

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week and it is a fun week at Camarena. Click on the flyer to see each day’s spirit wear! PLEASE have kids wear RED on Wednesday, even though we are going to the Pumpkin Patch. Each year the students and staff take a school picture where we stand in the shape of a ribbon, with everybody wearing red. We will be taking this picture right away in the morning, before we even take our backpacks to class and get ready for the field trip. Students can change into a new shirt if you’d rather have them wear something more festive for the field trip!  Red Ribbon Week

Halloween Parade

The Costume Parade will take place on Friday 10/27 on the blacktop first thing in the morning, rather than Halloween day. Please check the Camarena Elementary blog for more information on this in the upcoming week. Parents are welcome to watch the parade in the morning. Students will then change out of their costumes for the remainder of the day! If you signed up to bring in a Halloween goody bag item, send it in by Friday. We will do goody bags on October 31st. *I will be out of town for my cousins wedding; please take a lot of pictures to share. You can also upload on our Shutterfly account.

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch

We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch right at 9:00 a.m. If you have not turned in your child’s permission slip and money, please do so asap!  If you do not turn in your permission slip, your child will have to remain at school in another teacher’s classroom for the day.  Also, be sure to pack your child’s lunch that day to ensure they get a full, healthy meal. Make sure to not pack it in a lunchbox or with any tupperware. We will want to have items we can throw away, so we are not carrying lunch boxes around all day. If you are chaperoning, you are welcome to join us in the morning and help make sure all kids are present, have lunches, and to get some more information from me such as directions, and who will be in your group. Feel free to follow the bus or just meet us there. We will return to school around 2:00 with regular dismissal at 2:30. Please check the weather, and dress your child accordingly and pack lots of water for them to drink; it looks like it is going to be a HOT one!

Plant Study

We have begun to study plants, and if anyone would like to donate a small sturdy potted plant with saucer to our classroom, we would greatly appreciate it! We will be comparing and contrasting different kinds of plants as well as parts, life cycle, needs, etc.


Homework will still be due on Friday. I will have the substitute take homework out and put in the new homework. I will have the substitute keep the phonics books aside (if your child has one) and I will switch it out on the Monday that I return.


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