“Touching and Reading” Tutorial

We are learning beginning reading behaviors and skills such as reading left to right and “touching and reading”.  This means to use the pointer finger of the hand your child writes with and point to each word as it is read.  Even if your child is not able to read their little Brown Bear book yet, you can read the words while your child practices to touch each word as you read.  Here is a video of one of Mrs. Romaneli’s students touching and reading his Brown Bear Brown Bear book. This will give you an idea of what it should look like. Enjoy! Touching and Reading Video Tutorial



  • Desha

    Hello. I received the puppet. Was the Brown Bear Book sent home on Friday? We have the Mary had a Little Lamb book that was sent home. Was there any other books that were sent home?

    • admin

      You are correct, the Mary Had A Little Lamb was the last book sent home. Brown Bear is in their book basket so they can practice the skill at school!

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