Week 2 News

What a great first week we had! This week will begin our first full week of school. Monday-Thursday will be a 2:30 dismissal and Friday will be a 1:00 dismissal. Please meet at the blacktop at 8:10 or before on line R. Just like last week, we will have you say your goodbyes outside of the Kinder gate and continue that for the remaining of the year. I am starting to recognize parents and their children, so dismissal should go a little smoother and quicker.

Color Days begins this week! Please have your child wear these colors on these days!

  • Monday- RED
  • Tuesday- ORANGE
  • Wednesday- YELLOW
  • Thursday- GREEN
  • Friday- BLUE

Lunch/Snack: Please talk to your child about whether they will be a buyer or a packer. If they are going to pack lunch, they will put their lunchbox in my red wagon. Snacks will go in the purple basket. If your child is packing lunch, talk to them about what to eat at lunch and what to save for afternoon snack. You may want to write the letter “S” on their snack, so that they save something for snack time. If your child is buying lunch, their lunch card will be ready to go and the noon duties will help them get through that process. If they are buying lunch, please pack a snack for them. The cafeteria does not provide snack.

Quiet Corner: If you have not already, please pack a small towel/blanket with your child’s name on it. We will take a rest/listen to a story after lunch and rest our brains. These will be returned on Fridays to be washed and expected to be returned on Mondays. We may keep them for two weeks at a time, but I will let you know.

Extra Clothes: Please turn in an extra bag of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear, socks) if you have not already. I will keep these in the classroom just in case of an accident. They will be returned at the end of the year.

Save the Date for Curriculum Night, August 2nd at 4:00 pm: This is a meeting for parents, children do not need to come. Please make sure at least one member of your family can attend the meeting. We will be discussing what your child will be learning in kindergarten, as well as homework, what to look forward to this year, and classroom environment.

Library: Wednesday at 1:30 will be our Library Day each week. We will go for the first time next week to learn about the Camarena Library. We will learn about how the library is organized and how we check out books. We will either attend each week or every other week. Your child will check out one library book. S/he will be able to bring it home to read together for one week. Before the following Wednesday, please have your child bring the book back to our classroom so we can return it on Wednesdays. If your child does not return the book by Wednesday, s/he will not be able to check out a new book. If the book is damaged or lost, you will be charged for the book.

School Documents: Please turn in any school documents ASAP, especially the white Emergency Card. This card lets myself and any substitutes know who can pick up your child from the classroom.

Classroom Behavior: During this past week we talked about many routines and behaviors that we expect during the school day. It would be great for you to have conversations at home with your child in regards to these expectations, to help with consistency. I expect my students to sit in body basics (eyes watching, ears listening, lips closed, body still), to raise their hand to speak, be friendly, responsible and respectful, and to do their best. Students can earn WOW tickets as individual recognition, tables points and class points. Your child has been bringing home blue ROBO tickets. These are yours to keep at home. We will chat about them at curriculum night, but it is a way to communicate that your child had a great day. If your child was off task, they will be sent home with an orange Stop and Think, letting you know about their behaviors that were off task.

VAPA: Starting this Thursday, your child will have the opportunity to participate in Visual and Performing Arts classes. This is a time where the Kinder teachers collaborate, and your children get to work with specialized teachers in areas such as dance, music, photography, etc. This will occur every other Thursday, in the afternoon. The VAPA teachers will dismiss the students in afternoon. Their first week will be this week. I will dismiss the students on this Thursday afternoon and get the VAPA teacher accustomed to my dismissal procedures. The next time your children will get this opportunity will be August 10th.

Shutterfly: Please be on the lookout this coming week for an email in regards to a Shutterfly account. I take so many pictures throughout the year and I want to be able to share them with my families. Only people that I send the link to will be able to access the site, otherwise it is private. I do not have it set up yet, but will try to by the end of the week.

Remind 101: If you have not already, please sign up for Remind 101. Information regarding this was sent home in the welcome packet you picked up on Monday, or that was sent home with you on Wednesday. *Only 12 parents are signed up and I do a lot of my quick communication reminders through this app.

Thank you for everything so far. It has been wonderful getting to know each of you and I am super excited for a wonderful year. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns! Courtney.Demchuk@cvesd.org



  • Laynette

    Hi. Remind 101. I can’t find where that is. Can you remind 🙂 me where to find it and how to set it up? Thank you! And thank you for making Blakely’s first days of kindergarten so wonderful.


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