Week 4 News


The first homework menu went home in your child’s folders/backpack today! Homework is due on Thursday. I will not be collecting these out of their folders any earlier than Thursday, so no need to put them in there.

My biggest reminder on homework is that you only choose ONE activity (shape) from each page. You do NOT have to do everything written in the box.

Phonics Books: Some students have started to read CVC words. These students have started to take home their weekly phonics books. These come home in a manilla, padded folder. These books can be returned on Thursday, in the blue homework folder. A new book will be switched out and sent home on Friday with the new homework.


Our library day is Wednesday afternoon. Your child can return their book the the classroom library bin whenever they choose.

Sight Words

I am almost done testing the kiddos on their sight words. Every week they will be tested on the words they have learned. Some students may be ready to go on and learn new words. Students learn at different paces so they will be tested weekly to help them with their needs. Each week they will take home a their specific list of words they need to work on. There will be 10 lists, with 10 words on each list. IMG_1359A smiley face next to the word shows that they know it. If a word is blank, they do not know it and those will be the ones to practice at home. The following week they will be tested on that list again to see if they have mastered those words. If they do, they will go on to the next list. Check their folders for this list to help your child’s individual words at home. An example is posted. Miss Lesiak learned all of the words on list one, but only 6 from List 2. She will take this list home and practice with her family. The following week she will be tested on List 2 again. If she masters it, she will move on to List 3. After students learn all 100 words. They will then start over at List 1 but it will be a spelling test, rather than a reading test.

Curriculum Hour

Thank you to the families that attended Curriculum Hour last Thursday. If you missed it, your child took home the PowerPoint with the topics that were discussed. Let me know if you have any questions. Here it is, if any prefer a digital copy. 2016 curriculum night kindergarten FINAL

Green Forms

Please send back in the green form regarding your most up to date personal information. I am only missing 5 student’s forms!

Have a great week!!


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