Weekly Sight Word Checks

This year our goal is to read 100 sight words fluently. I have noticed that many students have already mastered the words we have already studied and are ready to be pushed a little bit extra, and master those 100 words before the end of the year. Reading the words fluently means to read in 2-3 seconds. Mrs. Brown (Grace’s mom) has so wonderfully offered to volunteer each Monday and take on the task of testing the students and recording where they are at, as many of them are at different levels. There are 10 lists, each with 10 words. When your child brings a list home on Monday, please make sure to look at it and practice the words they may have missed. A check mark ensures they read it fluently, and a word circle means that they were unable to read it, unable to read it fluently or were sounding it out. Look at the picture below: Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.40.49 PMThis child was able to read the ten words on list one, and the ten words on list two. This child was unable to read two of the words (were, or) on list 3. This child should practice the words “were” and “or” this week. Next Monday, this child will not be re-tested on list one and two, but will be tested on list three again. If this child passes list three, they will go on to list four.

When your child passes all 10 tests, they will then be responsible for spelling the words and will have spelling tests.

If I am forgetting anything or if you have questions, please ask them in the comments. That way I can respond and other parents can see, just in case they have the same questions.



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