Weekly Sight Word Lists

We are doing a GREAT job at learning our sight words in Kindergarten! I have to give a round of applause to the families for taking the time at home to use the flashcards in a consistent matter. It really shows! By the end of the year, your child will be taught the first 100 words. After Fall Conferences, many children showed that they knew the 19 words plus more. I am going to start testing your child weekly on sight words and it will help give you a better understanding on what words to practice. There will be 10 lists, each with 10 words. If they get to list 10 before the end of the year, they will then be tested on the same lists, but spelling the words rather than reading them!

Look at the picture below. Mrs. Demchuk was tested and knew all 10 words on list 1. You can tell she knows the words because they have a check mark next to them. On list 2 she did not know 3 of the words. Those words have a circle around them. The list will get sent home and the circled words will be the ones to practice at home for the week. This list can be kept at home. The following week, Mrs. Demchuk would be retested on list 2, until she can read all 10 correctly. If she does, she will be tested on list 3 and so forth.

My goal is to try to test at least 5 students a day, but to get all kids tested at least once during the week. Your child might not always be tested on the same day, it will depend on my availability and whether we have interference’s such as a field trip or assembly. Some children (6) brought home lists today, but most did not. Just be on the lookout for these in your child’s blue folder. Let me know if you have an questions! Thanks!!!


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