Writing! How you can help!

Hi Families,

This past week your child took home some writing of their first sentence in Kindergarten. We will be making an All About Me Book and last week they practiced writing their first sentence, “I am __(name)___.” Some things we are working on are

  1. Counting out how many words we will have in our sentence
  2. Touching and reading the cards before we pick up our pencil
  3. Starting on the left
  4. Starting with a capital letter
  5. Using the writing lines correctly
  6. Forming our letters correctly and the right size.
  7. Using a space between each word
  8. Putting a period at the end
  9. After writing the sentence, touching and reading it to make sure we have all of the words there.

Attached you will see an example of a student’s ALLSTAR work!! I will also attach the writing paper, and you can print at home and practice!! Practice is what counts! This week we will be working on some new pieces of information. They will be writing a sentence with their age and their height. I am four/five. I am short/tall. Beginning Writing Paper Star


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