Zoo Field Trip Chaperones

Hi All,

Thank you for all of the interests in attending the Zoo with our class on May 16th. The zoo allows each class to have 4 adults (including teachers) in for free, and 4 additional parents in for the price of $10. Any extra parents will have to pay full price. Parents that have a zoo pass or military ID, just need to bring their pass on that day. Due to the GREAT amount of volunteers, I had to do a volunteer lottery (I wish we could all go for free). The kids and I chose names out of a bucket and these were the results…

Zoo Passes/Military ID (free)

  1. Ronin Major
  2. Emma Stevens
  3. Ian De Los Reyes

Free of Charge

  1. Demchuk
  2. Nathan Decastro
  3. Damien Bracamonte
  4. Daylen Sadia

$10 admission

  1. Chloe Yang
  2. Paola Villegas
  3. Kaliyah Davies Moore
  4. Joe Santos

General Admisison

  1. Maya Shehee

*Please remember that only 1 adult per child is to attend this trip as it is a study trip.

Parents can pay the $10 to me as soon as they can.  On the Tuesday morning of the field trip, parents can show up to the classroom at 8:15 to get more information, collect lunches and help with bathroom procedures before the bus. Again, parents can not fit on the bus, but may carpool to the zoo. I will be out of town from Thursday, May 11th – Monday, May 15th, so if you have any questions, please try to address them prior to Thursday.

🙂  Mrs. Demchuk


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